Ebene News – Netflix Just Released Its October Schedule And It’s Awesome

Netflix is ready for Halloween.

Ebene News – Scott Disick And Brody Jenner Are Facing Backlash For Using Filters That Change Their Race

Why the hell would you do/post that?

Ebene News – A Woman On TikTok Is Speaking Out About The Challenges Deaf People Are Facing During The Pandemic

"Masks have been a nightmare."

Ebene News – 27 Pictures That Will Put Into Perspective Just How Many People Have Died From Coronavirus In The US

200,000 is a big number. Very big.

Ebene News – Dolly Parton Opened Up About Her 54-Year Marriage And Having “Sex Appeal” — And It’s Put A Huge Smile On My Face

"I've always been a great lover."

Ebene News – The Breonna Taylor Announcement Has Sparked Anger And Heartbreak On Social Media

"A literal wall got more justice than Breonna Taylor."

Ebene News – Jharrel Jerome Just Dropped A Single And It’s Too Good Not To Share

"Being from the BX, rap was in my blood whether I knew it or not."

Ebene News – “PEN15” Has The Most Painfully Authentic Gay Teen Storyline I’ve Ever Seen On TV

Watching Gabe struggle with his sexuality in the new season of PEN15, I felt like I…

Ebene News – Here Are All The New Marvel Release Dates For “Black Widow” And Other Phase 4 Movies

I just want to see Florence Pugh in Black Widow now.

Ebene News – Caitlin Reilly’s Viral TikTok Impressions Might Hit A Little Too Close To Home

"Can I speak to the manager?"