Ebene News – AU – A slip of the tongue: ScoMo from the Deputy Prime Minister – C-bombâ ????

Hundreds of people erupted for joy after Steven Miles suffered a misstep while speaking at the Labor Day event in Brisbane

The Deputy Prime Minister had an accidental slip of his tongue and called out Premier Scott Morrison what sounded like a “c —”

“Albo (Federal Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese) here with us on Labor Day as Scott Morrison charges $ 5,000 per head to have dinner with him

The crowd erupted into a cheer, before M Miles is only joking that M Albanese would be more careful with his words when he took the stage

“I understand I may have stuttered while speaking earlier and some in the crowd may have misheard,” he said.

“What I said, I want to be very, very clear that I was using the word contrast, the word contrast

“Whatever I think of the prime minister, I would never use language like that, so I want to be very clear that contrast was the word I was using

“I understand it was a slight stutter and maybe people misunderstood me but it was definitely not my intention”

“That was by no means my intention, and I want to rule it out as clearly as possible,” he said.

QLD Deputy Premier Steven Miles @StevenJMiles meant ‘contrast’ during Labor Day rally It came out a little differently @ 10NewsTwittercom / WxHGLqHjNI


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Ebene News – UA – A Tongue Slip: Deputy Prime Minister’s ScoMo – ?? C-bombâ ????

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