Ebene News – AU – Alcott in seventh heaven, dreaming of gold

Irrepressible Dylan Alcott knows the end of his stellar career may well be imminent, but Australian wheelchair tennis believes he can still reach new heights after securing his seventh singles title at the Australian Open by quad

Non-World1 Alcott celebrated his 6-1 6-0 victory over Dutchman Sam Schroder in Wednesday’s final by pouring out a few beers for the first time since Christmas Day, leaving the showman in a familiar exuberant mood

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Asked about his next big goal, the 30-year-old felt he was desperate to shoot for gold in the revamped Paralympic Games in Tokyo this year

“Well, I call the Olympics the shitty warm-ups for the Paralympics, don’t I?” smiles Alcott

“I think to myself, ‘when Usain Bolt was running I fully appreciate that everyone will be watching him and not me But guess what? When I am we’re the stars, right?”

For an audience like Alcott, not having fans to watch him play 12 games in a row against Schroder after losing the first game was frustrating.

So his mind drifted to be back in Melbourne in 12 months to win number eight in front of a full house

“No crowds, kinda weird day I was like, I think I have to do another AO But I could hit that last ball at the Paralympics and be like, ‘I’m done,'” he said

“It’s not because I lost the passion to play tennis, but I do TV, radio, I have my foundation, a few businesses I do so many things, right? it’s only so long since you can turn all the plates

“I want to do theater, I want to write a script I want to do all kinds of things And it’s hard to do everything at the same time”

Although Alcott protests that he doesn’t put pressure on himself to reach the grand slam of the calendar in 2021, you can’t get him through anything

“I still have a passion for playing tennis We’ll see what happens You know, a John Farnham style, ‘this is my last day-o’, that could be cool,” he said laughing

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Ebene News – UA – Alcott in seventh heaven, dreaming of gold

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