Ebene News – AU – Alcott soaks up seventh heaven with single quad glory

Non-World1 Dylan Alcott put on a champion performance to win an unprecedented seventh consecutive Australian Open title

The winning Australian took Sam Schroder 6-1 6-0 in the wheelchair single quad final to shine again on the home courts

“I feel extremely lucky to be doing my job right now. I would play at 3 am in the parking lot to be honest, because it is a privilege to come here every time and play the Open d ‘ Australia, ”said Alcott, after winning a 12th Grand Slam in singles

“Thanks to everyone at Tennis Australia, I know how much effort has gone into this

“I really appreciate your support, especially the increased draw size for our Quad division I think tennis spoke for itself”

Don’t worry about Alcott fans, the herd load at home looks like he will return at AO 2022

“I feel very honored and grateful for this opportunity I don’t know how much I have left in me, maybe I need to do one more with the crowds”

The duo played earlier this month at the Victorian Wheelchair Open, with Alcott winning 6-1 6-3, and the 30-year-old displayed a similar dominance, reinforced by 30 winners on MCA

Schroder, who lifted his first major with victory over Alcott at the US Open, took home the first six points

However Alcott entered the scoreboard with a stunning defensive lob winner Transferring to the pitch, the 30-year-old hit a sharp, level-level volley

Logging in with a sweet serve and a drop shot, Alcott let out a huge roar, puffed up to lead 2-1

The Non1 world was mixing the towers, and a great variety kept the Melburnian in charge

“Stay on him” called Alcott and he certainly did, dictating with heavy serves and snatching a cross backhand winner to score a 4-1 advantage

A daring drop shot portrayed the defending champion’s overwhelming confidence to run 3-0 in the second set

World’s Mighty Game No3 Schroder got three break points, but Alcott, patting his head to involve focus, put the suits and patterns together to escape with the grip

The Dutchman, on his Australian Open debut, hit a huge forehand winner beyond Alcott’s reach to dissolve a second break opportunity

With only an hour on the clock, Alcott served up another special triumph to head for seventh heaven, embarking on his famous celebration of spinning

“I want to congratulate Sam for playing another last brother,” Alcott said while signing “Lucky 7” on the TV camera

“I think we can play a lot of finals together You pumped me up at the US Open so I think there will be a lot more wins to come buddy I’m looking forward to many more battles to come “

Tennis Australia recognizes that the OA takes place on Aboriginal land and we extend our respects to the traditional owners, their ancestors and past, present and emerging elders and all First Nations people

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Ebene News – AU – Alcott soaks up seventh heaven with single quad glory

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