Ebene News – AU – Alleged “Big Bird Bandits” Revealed

The alleged “Big Bird Bandits”, accused of stealing a $ 160,000 Sesame Street costume from a circus, staged their own show as they left court on Wednesday

The alleged “Big Bird Bandits” who stole the $ 160,000 costume from the circus in April appeared in court for the first time Picture SA PoliceSource: Supplied

The duo who allegedly stole a Big Bird costume from a Sesame Street-themed circus in Adelaide walked out of court after their first appearance in an error comedy Wednesday

Tasman Binder, 22 from Murray Bridge, and Cody Alain Milne, 26 from Norwood, have each been charged with an aggravated count of dishonest appropriation of property without consent after the costume, a worth $ 160,000, was stolen from Bonython Park Circus between 4:30 p.m. on Sunday April 18 and 9:30 a.m. on Monday April 19 this year

Tasman Binder is one of the defendants who allegedly stole a Big Bird costume from Sesame Street Circus Photo: Supplied / FacebookSource: Supplied

The other person charged with the alleged offense in April this year was Cody Alain Milne Image: Supplied / FacebookSource: Supplied

The duo, who reportedly dubbed themselves “the Big Bird Bandits” in a note found with the costume, first appeared in Adelaide Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and were released on bail

As the hipsters exited the courthouse, they seemed to plan to look at each other simultaneously, slip their sunglasses over their faces and then strut to a waiting vehicle

The person driving this car had what looked like a fake black mustache and told reporters to get away from “the limo”

M Binder and M Milne made no comment when they got into the vehicle and got no response when asked how to get to Sesame Street or who their favorite character was

A group of supporters also attended the hearing and waited for the couple until they left the court

M Milne took to social media hours after his court appearance and joked about “bird flu” Photo: Supplied / Instagram Source: NCA NewsWire

Just hours after appearing in court, Mr. Milne took to social media and shared stories of the media attention he and his co-defendants received

His story showed snippets of reports and footage from the show outside the courtroom as well as a photo of him sitting in his bed, covered with a tiger blanket and holding a mug

The accused also changed his Instagram nickname to “Danger in the sheets, Sesame in the street”

Alleged ‘Big Bird bandits’ Tasman Binder (right) and Cody Alain Milne (left) have been released on bail and made no comment upon leaving court Photo: NCA NewsWire / Dean Martin Source: News Corp Australia

The couple hosted a broadcast for reporters outside the courthouse where the defendants were picked up by a waiting vehicle Photo: NCA NewsWire / Dean Martin Source: News Corp Australia

During Wednesday’s hearing, the duo’s defense attorneys demanded that the bail conditions be changed and that they remove the conditions under which they could not communicate with each other and had to respect a curfew

He said the couple were good friends and argued that this was a one-time offense that had happened in the past, so there was no reason for a curfew

The court also heard that there was a condition that barred the couple from attending Sesame Street Circus

But, because it is no longer in the state, the magistrate declared that the condition of surety could remain

Big Bird was sent back to the circus two days after he was allegedly taken away Photo: Peter Caldicott / 7 News Adelaide Source: Twitter

Police say apology letter left by “Big Bird Bandits” Image: SA Police Source: News Limited Network

Two days after the alleged taking of the Big Bird costume, it was returned to the circus, found leaning against an electrical box

Police were called to the scene and police say they found a letter of apology that was left in Big Bird’s beak

The writers of the letter assured that “no harm had come” to the bird and said he was a “good guy”

“We are so sorry !!! We had no idea what we were doing or what our actions would cause, ”the letter began

“We had a great time with Mr Bird He’s a great guy and no harm has come to our friend

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Ebene News – AU – Alleged “Big Bird Bandits” revealed

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