Ebene News – AU – Amy Shark and Ed Sheeran’s Love Song

Russell Crowe to receive a big thank you at the credits of Amy Shark’s highly anticipated new album Cry Forever

If the Hollywood actor and Shark fanboy hadn’t sent his groundbreaking debut album Love Monster to good friend Ed Sheeran, she wouldn’t have the latest single from the album Love Songs Ain’t For Us

She will never forget the day Sheeran’s name appeared in her inbox via an email congratulating her on Love Monster and inviting the Aussie songwriter for a writing session the next time she was. United Kingdom

The ARIA award winner and her husband, Shane Billings, spent three hours writing a “response that didn’t sound so cheerful, but also very grateful and excited, all of that stuff.”

“We are both very proud of the way we run this business and the way we keep special and kind people in our lives,” she said.

A jet-lagged Shark was playing her guitar in Sheeran’s home studio on her Suffolk estate in England when she first encountered the pop phenomenon

“He walked in and there’s a point where you stop and think ‘This is Ed Sheeran’ After a little chat he asked me what I was playing He said he liked it and then we were in it , we wrote the song “, she said

While they were working on the music, Sheeran asked Shark if she had ever written love songs about her husband.

You can imagine the singer Adore blushing brightly at that moment as she replied “Love songs aren’t really for us”

“He had done his homework, he knew the origins of Triple J in the success of my music and so he would check with me when we were doing the lyrics ‘lovey’ He wanted to verify that it was something I would say because writing songs. love songs is hard

“He might be the best songwriter in the world and as much I love the alternate side of what I do, I just wanted to write a strong pop song and his lyrics are so beautiful.”

Within hours they had the pure pop ballad Love Songs Ain’t For Us Sheeran’s advice was not to overcook ”

“That was the best advice Give the song what it wants and not what you think you need, “she said.

“It’s a classic sounding song, it doesn’t have any tips or bells or whistles and that’s what I love about it”

She enlisted her producer Adore M-Phazes to help him finish in Australia and asked Urban if he would sing and play guitar on it. The title alone sounds like a classic country song

“I literally texted him saying ‘Hey I did a song with Ed and I wish you were on it if you feel it’ He did it this weekend and it sounded good Bring on the country’s market! ”she said

Shark and Urban, who were juggling their The Voice engagements, gathered at Sydney’s Centennial Park earlier this month to film the magical Love Songs Ain’t For Us video due out on Friday

The future wedding hymn is the third taste of her new record following the hits Everybody Rise and C’mon and will no doubt inspire a field of swinging camera torches when she performs it on her Cry Forever nationwide tour in June.


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Amy Shark, Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban

Ebene News – UA – Amy Shark and Ed Sheeran love song

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