Ebene News – AU – Amy Shark reveals the A-List actor who introduced her to Ed Sheeran and the biggest lesson she learned from the singer

Amy Shark has enjoyed many career highs over the past two years – winning eight ARIA Awards, for example

The Queensland singer-songwriter-guitarist, who enjoyed worldwide success with the release of her single Adore in 2016, has been on a steady upward trajectory which has seen her perform on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, collaborating with Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and Travis Barker and appear on single with The Chainsmokers

Yet despite all these milestones (and many more) when Ed Sheeran contacted Shark to set up a writing session, she thought a friend of her was playing a joke on her

“I thought someone was laughing at me for a minute,” Shark told POPSUGAR Australia “I just remember it took me so long to come up with an answer that didn’t sound so jovial “

It is symbolic of Shark’s humility that she seems worried to disclose how Sheeran, apparently one of the greatest artists in the recording world, has come to email him

“I sound like an idiot when I keep saying these names, but Russell Crowe has been kind of a big fan since the start of Adore’s release,” said Shark. ” And he just started tweeting and retweeting me So I reached out to him and said, “Thanks, thanks for supporting me, I’m a huge fan of yours too” And then as and when as the friendship grew, he really enjoyed my album and ended up sending my albums to Ed “

In January 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic saw the world stop, Shark traveled to London to begin the writing process with Sheeran – an exercise that resulted in Shark Love’s latest single Songs Ain’t For Us with Australian artist, Keith Urban

The track was born after Sheeran asked Shark if she had ever written love songs about her husband, Shane Billings, to which she replied that she had, but it wasn’t not the typical romantic ballads because they just aren’t that type of couple

“Love songs aren’t really for us,” Shark told the Shape of You singer to whom he said “ok, that’s what we’re gonna do then”

Love Songs Ain’t For Us appears on Shark’s upcoming album Cry Forever, which was written and recorded between the US, UK, New Zealand, and Shark’s home studio on the Gold Coast According to Shark, the entire album benefited from Sheeran’s wisdom and lessons she learned from him during their session

“I can’t even explain the lessons I learned that day, I learned so much,” said Shark “But I think the biggest lesson, or the biggest thing he ever told me – which I will use forever until I die – that’s before I left the house, we were listening to the song of the day and he said ‘Don’t overcook He’s so strong in him -self Just give him what he wants, not what you think he needs “

She continued, “I went back to my home studio and went through my album with a fine comb I made sure everything was supposed to be there and what the sound wanted What if something sounded like a squeak against the side, I pulled it out And I just said ‘I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life’ Just really kind of submissive to the song “

The end result is a collection of songs Shark can’t wait to share with his fans, as well as Love Monster 2018 fan favorites, on tour – COVID-19 restrictions allow it

“Fingers crossed, anything can go on I can’t wait to tour Australia,” said Shark

“These are really big places – Rod Laver Arena is a place I never thought I could play So I’m looking forward to this and just praying that it continues I have this album that I have it’s been so long since I started working on more stuff and more songs So I think I’m going to keep going forward and trying to put some great music on and see what this album does “

Amy Shark, Keith Urban, Ed Sheeran

Ebene News – UA – Amy Shark reveals the A-List actor who introduced her to Ed Sheeran and the biggest lesson she has learned from the singer

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