Ebene News – AU – Arteta’s misery at Arsenal continues in 4-1 Carabao Cup loss to Manchester City

By defending like this your chances of winning are around zero Mikel Arteta had claimed that Arsenal’s results did not match the percentages on the eve of this draw, but he will surely be exasperated by the ease with which Manchester City were able to move closer to a fourth consecutive Carabao Cup success

Gabriel Jesus and Riyad Mahrez, in particular, benefited from poor quality at the back while Phil Foden and Aymeric Laporte were able to help themselves Alexandre Lacazette had equalized for Arsenal but they didn’t even was able to take full advantage of a lively return from Gabriel Martinelli, who left with injury The veil of sadness around the Emirates remains as thick as it ever has been

Arteta had urged his team not to approach the game feeling sorry for ourselves and if anything could cause Arsenal to puff up their chests it was the perception that they had become tie specialists cutting during his reign City were among those seen on their way to FA Cup victory last season as this quarter-final unfolded in part because their players won at Leicester and Liverpool None of this overshadowed a chronic lack of ingenuity in the third forward, but Martinelli’s first start since his left knee injury in June, one of eight changes, offered hope for a comeback morale

Unfortunately for Arsenal, they are better able to bolster the egos of opponents these days. The relative lack of control over the city has been notable for most of the current campaign and Jesus’ frankness in the attack was a live problem It was an obvious chance to get his tail up and he took it in 124 seconds

Martinelli had just given a first idea of ​​his energy level by squeezing Rúben Dias into a loaded clearance, but City were not embarrassed when Foden found Oleksandr Zinchenko rushing to the left by line with slow Cedric Soares to react Zinchenko’s cross was a peach and Jesus, darting between Shkodran Mustafi and Gabriel Magalhaes, nodded to Alex Rúnarsson The local defense could also have been absent

They were equally sculptural giving Fernandinho time to weigh his options before shooting from a distance shortly after, with the ball taking a slight deflection and zipping right next to it Pep Guardiola had turned a lot himself, retaining just four starters from the professional victory at Southampton, but for half an hour Arsenal chased the shadows Jesus scared Mohamed Elneny and Mustafi in successive yellow cards and Aymeric Laporte, climbing high in a corner, headed slightly wide

It all looked too easy but Martinelli offered the spark Arsenal wanted.He had been busy enough to appear involved despite their almost total lack of possession, but now with the ball at his feet he whipped a center of the right foot that an unconvincing Zack Steffen hit He was offered another try seconds later and, this time with his left boot, cut a tantalizing delivery through the six-yard box A curvy Alexandre Lacazette met him firmly with a smart, tilted head and City were left to blink in disbelief

Against all odds, it was now a fight although Rúnarsson, until then as nervous as Steffen, was quickly saved superbly from Jesus after a model Foden sent the attacker There was then serious concern for Martinelli, who fell into obvious pain after Steffen narrowly beat him to a deep ball, and clear relief when he signaled his willingness to come back after the treatment.

It was surprising to see him risky after half-time, however, and the craziness of that was, at first glance, on display two minutes after the start of the second half, when he stopped and went been replaced by Nicolas Pépé A lower leg injury has emerged as the problem and Arsenal are hoping it is only a minor issue; Martinelli had, in his zeal and positivity, set a marker that shamed many of his teammates’ efforts

Normal serve quickly picked up Mahrez, downcast by a stray leg from Gabriel, licking his lips as he assessed a free kick slightly outside the box but could hardly have imagined the luck that would ensue His shot was framed but far from the best; it was still, inexplicably, too hot for Rúnarsson to handle, and it slipped through her fingers before it floated above the line

The game was quickly put past Arsenal and there was also an element of slapstick in Foden’s goal, given that City were able to take a break after Dani Ceballos managed a pass attempt against teammate Joe Willock Ultimately, Fernandinho played Foden for a cut-off finish beyond Rúnarsson, who had ventured out in hope rather than waiting VAR, absent here, could have declared him partially offside, but reason wins in this competition

Arsenal however remain on the verge of insanity constantly, and were finished when Foden came through beautifully and Laporte converted a well-placed header No one can dispute the numbers here

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Ebene News – AU – Arsenal’s misery continues in Arsenal 4-1 defeat of the Carabao Cup against Manchester City

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/22/arsenal-manchester-city-carabao-cup-quarter-final-match-report