Ebene News – AU – Brexit deal: MEPs vote for adoption of EU-UK trade deal by 521 votes to 73

The European Union (future relations) bill is now heading to the Lords and must become law before the end of the post-Brexit transition tomorrow night

In Edinburgh, MEPs voted against the UK-EU trade deal The EU (future relations) bill is outside the Scottish parliament, but they voted for a Scottish government motion saying that the deal would cause “serious damage to the environmental, economic and social interests of Scotland” and supporting a memorandum claiming the government would not give it legislative consent You can read the full text of the memorandum, including an analysis of the impact of the agreement on Scotland, here

Under the Sewel Convention, Westminster is supposed to obtain the ‘legislative consent’ of decentralized administrations when passing laws that infringe on decentralized matters But this is not a legally binding obligation and the wording of the convention admits that in certain circumstances consent is not necessary

Boris Johnson signed the trade and cooperation agreement with the EU on behalf of the UK

In the House of Lords, peers have now started their debate on the EU (future relations) bill There is a live stream at the top of the blog Debate opening Natalie Evans, Leader of the Lords, pointed out that the bill was passed in the House of Commons with a substantial majority

While the Lords often change government legislation, they still accept the will of the elected chamber on major issues, and even though they have a much larger anti-Brexit contingent than the Commons, they shouldn’t do nothing to hinder or delay the bill this afternoon

Sebastian Payne of the FT has a full list of Labor MPs who abstained As he points out, this is a mix of diehard leftovers (who struggle to endorse any version of Brexit) and left-wing Corbynites (who are reluctant to vote with the Conservatives on anything)

36 Labor MPs did not vote on the Brexit deal: – Diane Abbott- Tonia Antoniazzi- Aspana Begum- Olivia Blake- Ben Bradshaw- Kevin Brennan- Richard Burgeon- Dawn Butler- Neil Coyle- Stella Creasy- Janet Daby- Geraint Davies – Peter Dowd – Rosie Duffield – Clive Efford

The abstainers from Labor Brexit cont: – Florence Eshalomi- Mary Kelly Foy- Barry Gardiner- Helen Hayes- Meg Hillier- Ruqa Huq- Diana Johnson- Darren Jones- Clive Lewis- Rebecca Long-Bailey- Siobhain McDonagh- John McDonnell- Catherine McKinnell – Ian Mearns – Kate Osamor

Abstention Lab Brexit 3/3: – Lloyd Rusell-Moyle- Andy Slaughter- Zarah Sultana- Nadia Whittome- Beth Winter- Mohammad Yasin Plus two independent non-voters: – Jeremy Corbyn- Claudia Webbe Only one Labor MP voted against the agreement: Bell Ribeiro -Addy

And here is the breakdown by party of the 521 deputies who voted in favor of the bill implementing the trade and cooperation agreement

Two Tories also rebelled in the vote by abstaining, rather than voting for It was Owen Paterson and John Redwood

Here is the breakdown, from the CommonsVotes application, by party of the 73 deputies who voted against the agreement

Labor has now firmed its figures It says 36 of its MPs abstained and only one, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, voted against

During the debate, Diane Abbott, who was the shadow interior secretary under Jeremy Corbyn, said she would vote against, but she appeared to have changed her mind at the last minute

“I have the utmost respect for the 2016 referendum result But this bad deal fails” Labor MP Diane Abbott gives her opinion on the Brexit trade deal imageTwittercom / WZXpqkDBAe

This is from Florence Esholami of Labor explaining why she abstained in the vote and resigned as Labor whip

Thanks to all #Vauxhall voters who contacted me about the EU Future Relations Bill This bill was rushed and a ‘no deal’ is the worst outcome for country, but I cannot support the bill and I abstained I offered my resignation as opposition whip

Labor sources say 34 of their MPs defied the whip by abstaining, but only three voted against But these figures have not yet been confirmed as the division list is not released and the vote proxy makes counting more complicated than before

Party sees this as a relatively good result Earlier this month it was reported that up to 60 Labor MPs could rebel

Almost all of today’s rebels were engaged in an abstention rebellion, which is less provocative and less damaging than voting directly against party orders

Labor sources also point out that Boris Johnson suffered a much larger rebellion during the vote on Covid restrictions earlier this month, when 53 of his MPs rebelled against him

Three Labor MPs who abstained resigned from the front bench: Helen Hayes (see 253pm), Tonia Antoniazzi (see 241h) and Florence Eshalomi, a whip

The bill now goes to the House of Lords, where it must go through all of its stages before the end of the day – although with 127 peers speaking, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the day. conventional work Debate could last late into the night

The bill has now passed third reading by 521 votes to 73 – a majority of 448 This is exactly the same result as before

Labor MP Helen Hayes says she resigned as shadow cabinet minister because she could not vote for the bill

I am grateful to everyone who contacted me about the EU Future Relations Bill I cannot vote for this damaging deal & abstained today With much sadness, & regret that I offered my resignation as shadow cabinet minister It has been a privilege to serve https: // tco / RZvjYHMVIl

It was the second reading vote, but the bill must pass its entire House committee to third reading before it can be sent to the Lords

However, according to the business motion passed this morning, there is no time left for further consideration Vice President Eleanor Laing has taken over the Chair of the Whole House Committee There was no debate, but there was some laughter when she said the committee had considered the bill

Members now vote on third reading There was no debate at third reading and the result of this vote should be identical, or almost identical, to the result of second reading (See 243h)

The bill approving the trade and cooperation agreement with the EU was adopted at second reading by 521 votes to 73 – a majority of 448

Labor MP Tonia Antoniazzi, who is parliamentary private secretary to the shadow teams of the DWP and Scotland, says she will abstain She says she has offered her resignation as PPS as a result (because she challenges the whip, who orders Labor MPs to vote for)

Today I will abstain on the EU (Future Relationship) & bill I offered my resignation as PPS to the teams of Shadow DWP & Scotland I thank Keir for giving me the opportunity to serve in his shadow team before & I remain totally determined to elect a Labor government in 2024

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Ebene News – AU – Brexit deal: MEPs vote to adopt EU-UK trade agreement by 521 to 73

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/dec/30/brexit-deal-bill-coronavirus-boris-johnson-covid-live-news-updates