Ebene News – AU – 🌱 Celebrity’s son Alicia Silverstone is anything but clueless in the kitchen

Alicia Silverstone, a celebrity known for her role as Cher in cult classic’ 90s Clueless, has nothing to do with Cher in real life

14 years after her iconic role in ’90s cult classic Clueless, Silverstone opened up to the world about her sustainability journey through her vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet, The New York Times bestseller 2009 teaches lessons on how to be kinder to yourself and the planet through plant-based dietary and lifestyle changes

The success of his cookbook, along with the birth of his now 9-year-old son Bear Blu Jarecki, prompted Silverstone to start a blog to share even more resources for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, including fashion tips Silverstone also has its own line of USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free supplements

Silverstone’s son seems to be following in his footsteps – straight into the kitchen He may only be nine years old, but he surely knows his way around a kitchen The two team up in the chic and messy L of Silverstone A kitchen and cook fresh vegan meals from her vegetable garden, sharing it all for our entertainment on Instagram and YouTube

The nine-year-old touts hummus bruschetta as one of his signature dishes, tasting and cutting with an apron and – gasp! – a chef’s knife!

This is a very unique dynamic and Bear seems to be a chef prodigy, no doubt influenced by his mother’s passion for healthy food that also benefits the planet

Sustainability isn’t a passing trend for celebs like Silverstone to jump in (take it from her, who has been using her platform to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle for years now) It’s a global movement for the benefit of people and the planet, including everything you love about the entertainment capital of the world

We know your love for Hollywood runs deeper than celebrity gossip and entertainment news We feel the same which is why we’re here to bring you the latest stories on sustainability and humanitarian activism in entertainment industry We’re joining the movement too As sustainability is about both people (not just celebrities!) and the planet, we’re launching a new app in 2021 that completely reinvents the way you buy tickets of cinema to save you time AND support the industry that has seduced us by the magic of Hollywood for over 100 years

Alicia Silverstone

Ebene News – AU – 🌱 Celebrity’s son Alicia Silverstone is anything but clueless in the kitchen

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