Ebene News – AU – Coles and Woolworths Bring Back Toilet Paper Buying Limits in Sydney

Just days before Christmas, Woolworths and Coles reinstated a toilet paper purchase limit for residents of Greater Sydney

On Tuesday, Woolworths announced that it would be reducing two-packet limits as a “precautionary measure” designed to ensure customers “fair access” during the Christmas season amid an emerging COVID cluster in the northern beaches

In addition, the supermarket has tripled the volume of toilet paper orders in New South Wales and is expected to deliver more than 400,000 packages to its stores in New South Wales this week

Woolworths Supermarkets, New South Wales chief executive Michael Mackenzie said the move responded to a “steady increase in demand” for toilet paper in different parts of Sydney for 24 hours

“While demand is nowhere near the levels we saw earlier this year, we are taking preventative action ahead of the busy pre-Christmas trade,” he explained

“We have a lot of toilet paper to draw on from our suppliers and it will continue to flow into stores in large quantities

“As an essential service, our supermarkets will remain open to meet the grocery needs of our customers We therefore encourage everyone to continue shopping as usual and only buy what they need.”

Woolworths says he will continue to monitor demand for toilet paper and paper towels daily and will seek to remove the limits as quickly as possible

Mackenzie added, “As always, we ask our customers to follow all social distancing and hygiene measures when shopping at our stores

“We also ask clients to treat our team and each other with respect as we go through this uncertain time together”

Coles also updated its policies on Tuesday, announcing temporary product restrictions for northern beaches, greater Sydney and the central coast

“We have temporarily placed a limit of 2 units per transaction on toilet paper and a paper towel so that everyone has access to daily essentials,” the supermarket announced

“These temporary limits have been implemented in all Coles supermarkets in the Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney & Central Coast regions”

“Our team members work as hard as possible to keep shelves stocked and we are closely monitoring stock levels,” Coles added in a statement.

“We ask that you buy only what you need to ensure that all members of our community can purchase food and other essentials”

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Ebene News – AU – Coles and Woolworths bring back toilet paper purchase limits in Sydney

Source: https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/shopping/woolworths-reinstates-two-pack-purchase-limit-on-toilet-paper-across-greater-sydney-c-1818481