Ebene News – AU – Crime thriller is a throwback to the ’90s gone wrong

THE Little Things is the kind of slow-burning detective drama these days more likely to be seen on the small screen than in theaters

Therefore, attempting to put together a psychological story focused on a character in two hours seems like a faux pas even if the story is worth telling

Denzel Washington plays Deke, a deputy sheriff sent to his former Los Angeles post to gather evidence, after which an investigation into a recent murder comes to his attention

Newly appointed detective Jimmy Baxter (Rami Malek) leads the case and intrigued by Deke, asks him to come to the murder scene of the murdered woman

Deke sees similarities to an unsolved murder case in the past that he has become so obsessed with near-fatal depression

With renewed hope that the case could finally be resolved, he uses his annual leave to join Baxter, who ignores advice not to let Deke take care of the case, and the two focus on a potential suspect, fat repairman Sparma (Jared Leto), as more women are found dead

Not only in the 90s, director John Lee Hancock wrote the screenplay in 1993 explaining why the film has such an old-fashioned tone and plot, like how the corpses of women are used as backdrop props to provide male detectives with trauma

The dialogue is so on the nose that it sounds like a parody of the genre, but everyone takes themselves seriously

As a result, the performances also suffer from a sense of ridicule, Malek especially so high that you can see him playing

Beautifully crafted shots and a sleek visual aesthetic make The Little Things a pretty empty package

The Little Things

Ebene News – UA – The crime thriller is a throwback to the ’90s gone wrong

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