Ebene News – AU – ‘Definitely fatal’: 80-year-old Australian survives 30-minute boat ride with tiger snake

Fisherman Bob Thatcher was far from shore when he noticed a three-foot tiger snake sharing his tiny tinnie

Most people would retreat a long way from the site of a potentially deadly tiger snake – ???? one of the most poisonous snakes in the world

But when Bob Thatcher, a retired 80-year-old Australian banker, saw a three-meter tiger snake, he had nowhere to go

Alone in his tiny 18 meter by 1 2 meter (6ft x 4ft) fishing boat, Thatcher was 7 miles from shore when he saw the snake a few inches from his feet He was hoping to catch some bream and had just sat down after dropping anchor in Wellington Lake one of the coastal waterways in the East Gippsland region of Victoria

– I could see this strange object that I didn’t recognize He was about a foot from my feet, sticking his tongue out, â ???? Thatcher told Guardian Australia

He said he swore a curse or two during his ordeal on Thursday, but refused to repeat the phrase he used to describe the snake – I didn’t like the bastard – that’s all I’m going to say, â ???? he said Monday

After realizing that getting out of the boat wouldn’t help – because there always would have been – Thatcher started returning to shore At one point, he threw a sweater over the snake, to prevent it to slide on the boat

He called his son, who called a snake catcher and arranged to meet him at the boat launch After a very nervous 30 minute ride, Thatcher came ashore for about 230h

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– He was down in that little hole where his fuel tank is and he was sticking his head out every 20 minutes or so, – Peter said

Tiger snakes can be unpredictable, with some people being more aggressive than others, he said. – This one was not too bad He ran between my legs when I released him ????

It is not known how long the snake was in the boat, but Peter suspects he may have come on board while Thatcher was fishing – We think he could have swam and he thought the boat de Bob was on dry land – that’s the idea I’m leaning towards ????

Thatcher’s 30-minute ride back to shore was more than enough time for a tiger snake bite to be fatal

Professor Geoffrey Isbister, snake venom expert and founder of the Australian Snake Bite Project at Newcastle University, said Thatcher had a chance to escape

This is one of our most poisonous snakes. It is certainly deadly and we have had deaths in eastern Australia of tiger snakes seen in the past five years, â € “ he said

Isbister said the tiger snake venom could cause a victim to collapse within 15 minutes of the severity of the bite Victims may suffer from blood clotting and the venom, a neurotoxin, can cause paralysis

Anyone bitten by a snake, he said, should stay completely still, apply a compression bandage to immobilize the bite area, then “get to the hospital as quickly as possible”

– There is good evidence that if you are poisoned, the sooner you get an antivenom the better, – Isbister said

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Ebene News – UA – “Certainly deadly”: 80-year-old Australian survives 30-minute boat ride with tiger snake

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/03/certainly-life-threatening-80-year-old-australian-survives-30-minute-boat-ride-with-tiger-snake