Ebene News – AU – Embarrassing moment, SA chief of public health dodges Covid issue

Posted: 10:13 BST, Jun 30, 2021 | Update: June 30, 2021 at 12:05 am BST

A frosty exchange between a sleeping public health official and a prominent journalist turned into a scuffle at a press conference on Wednesday

Visibly annoyed Nicola Spurrier refused to answer Chris Kenny’s questions when the Sky News presenter challenged her to an ambitious goal of at least 80% of the public getting vaccinated before the blockages were over. p>

Professor Spurrier said laconically to M Kenny that she wasn’t here “to argue with you” – then ignored her follow-up question, instead preferring to answer a bizarre question about whether a dog could catch Covid

Professor Nicola Spurrier, South Australia’s chief public health officer, admitted she was “tired” when she lashed out at Sky News commentator Chris Kenny and ignored her question about the vaccination rate Wednesday

Sky News commentator Chris Kenny asked SA public health official Nicola Spurrier if the target of 80% public vaccination rate was necessary given that Covid-19 had a slight impact on people outside vulnerable demographic groups

Prof Spurrier got rid of herself earlier this month when she allowed a full crowd of fans to attend an AFL game at the Adelaide Oval, and bring in players of a Melbourne then locked, but said participants should avoid touching the ball for fear of getting the virus, and advised to dodge if the ball was kicked into the rack

Wednesday, M Kenny asked him why the state was pursuing a seemingly futile virus eradication strategy, rather than taking the approach of other countries to vaccinate vulnerable people and then live with the virus

Professor Spurrier interrupted the train of questions, saying she wanted to answer them one by one because “I slept very little”

She said a vaccination rate of over 80% would be needed to avoid the need for continued lockdown measures, as the Indian Delta variant has a “biological advantage” and “is more difficult to control”

/ p>

A Covid-infected nurse who worked at two busy hospitals in Sydney has already identified 100 close contacts, with services now blocked for visitors

MKenny challenged the view that it was necessary to vaccinate 80% of the public before public health experts stop threatening economically damaging lockdowns, a figure previously given by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

“Doesn’t that seem unreasonably high, given that no country has reached this level, we may never reach this level, and due to the very slight health threat what does the disease mean to anyone outside of these vulnerable groups? ” he said

Prof Spurrier bristled at the question before answering: “I find it really quite surprising to be at a press conference and someone suggesting that there are very minor consequences for Covid 19

“We still have a lot of people dying around the world and we have also had four deaths here in Australia ‘

Kenny retorted that “there has not been a single community transmission that has resulted in death in this country all year round ‘

‘Excuse me, I am here to provide information to the South Australian public, not to argue with you on a minor point’

New South Wales Health has confirmed that a nursing student, 24, worked at the Royal North Shore Hospital for five days while potentially carrying the virus and also worked shifts at the hospital in Fairfield Pictured: Covid test in Sydney

Kenny said vaccination rates and triggers for blockages couldn’t be described as a “minor point” and asked another follow-up question

This time, South Africa’s chief health minister declined to answer and answered a question from another about the infected family of a minor who has isolated himself and has a pregnant dog

‘This family, they have a very nice dog But the bitch is pregnant so I have a team that takes care of the bitch, “she said

South Australia recorded five new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, from a minor who contracted the virus and passed it on to his family Because the family has become isolated, State no did not enter confinement

Figures released by NSW Health show how the virulent strain of the Covid-19 virus grew from a confirmed case in Bondi on June 16 to a cluster there, then began to spread rapidly in the Sydney suburbs and beyond

While 83% of people in England have received at least one dose, the rate of people fully vaccinated (with two doses) in the UK is 49%

In the United States, 54% of them have received at least one dose, but the rate of people fully vaccinated is only 49%

Here, 24% of us have received at least one dose, but only four8% are fully vaccinated

India’s full vaccination rate is 41% percent, while New Zealand’s is 78%, Indonesia is 49%, and Japan’s is 11%

New South Wales is five days away from a difficult two-week lockdown and has recorded 22 new cases of Covid-19 overnight, bringing its total to 171 active cases

One hundred patients and staff from two Sydney hospitals are in isolation after unvaccinated 24-year-old nursing student tests positive for COVID-19 She worked at Fairfield Hospital and Royal North Hospital Shore while she was infectious

Queensland has 18 cases and Victoria 34, the Northern Territory nine and Western Australia four

This was the second time this month that South Australian professor Spurrier has made headlines in her public statements regarding Covid

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Ebene News – AU – Embarrassing moment, SA chief of public health dodges Covid issue

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