Ebene News – AU – Emmy-winning TV series Bluey takes the stage for its theatrical debut

Bluey – the much-loved and award-winning ABC children’s television series – is set to make its theatrical debut in Brisbane tonight in what organizers hail as a creative and public health triumph

After seven months of delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bluey’s Big Play, The Stage Show, will finally open at the Playhouse Theater as part of the Out of the Box Festival at the Queensland Performing Arts Center (QPAC)

Developed by the Windmill Theater Company, the show would be the first of a professional play in a full-capacity theater anywhere in the world since the coronavirus pandemic in March

Theatrical adaptation brings TV characters Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli to life through giant puppets

The production is set to play at AQPC until January 10 before embarking on a nationwide tour of 50 towns and villages

Bluey’s Big Play features an original story written by series creator Joe Brumm, with new music by composer Joff Bush

Director Rose Myers said it was a testament to the production team’s determination that the series was able to get started during a public health crisis

“We actually started work on the show in March, ready to go in May, but like the rest of the performing arts industry, the show was shut down,” Myers said.

“We started in Melbourne, then we moved to Adelaide and there was the outbreak there and we moved the rehearsals to Canberra so it was quite a trip”

Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles, who attended today’s rehearsals with his six-year-old daughter Bridie, said it was appropriate for the Brisbane-themed show to premiere in the Queensland

“Brisbane is enjoying the blessings we have had this year and now our little ones are feeling the same excitement seeing Bluey,” said M Miles

“This is almost certainly the first of a theatrical production in a full theater anywhere in the world and for it to be our beloved Bluey, it is very exciting”

Bluey’s Big Play posed a new challenge for writer Brumm, who had grown accustomed to creating animated seven-minute stories for television

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“The guy is an absolute genius he wrote 104 episodes and all of them are just awesome, “Myers said

“He has now turned to writing a 40 minute play. He’s so smart and just the way he sums up family life and the joy of it”

Myers said the show would strike a chord as the company struggled amid the pandemic

“During the COVID era, what our family means to us has really been brought to light during this time

“It’s a really contemporary take on family, but it’s full of joy and it’s so full of fun and imagination”

Theater and puppets will be thoroughly cleaned after each performance in accordance with coronavirus hygiene standards

Two actors have rehearsed to perform Bluey’s Big Play in order to meet the high demand in towns and villages where the capacity of 100% of cinemas is still not allowed

Ms Myers said a world tour of the stage would be a future possibility, given the international popularity of the Bluey TV series

She said meticulous care was taken when trying to bring an animated series to a 3D world

“When we were developing the theater production we really knew we had to deliver on stage whatever people love about the show,” Myers said

“We have developed incredible puppets and formed an incredible cast, with a combination of puppeteers, dancers and actors who bring the puppets to life

“There is a great responsibility when you take something as beloved as Bluey and present it to an audience”

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Bluey, Premiere, Queensland Performing Arts Center, Brisbane

Ebene News – AU – Emmy-winning TV series Bluey takes the stage for its theatrical debut

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