Ebene News – AU – “His team thinks COVID is just a joke”: Zerafa calls off Tszyu fight

Tim Tszyu’s scheduled fight with Michael Zerafa on July 7 was called off after the Victorian War Camp raised concerns about to the health of the event

Team Zerafa has chosen not to travel to Newcastle following the latest outbreaks of COVID-19, bringing an end to a rivalry that has been brewing for three years It raises questions as to whether the pair are ‘will face one day after the failure of one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year

Tszyu promoters No Limit Boxing had tried to appease Team Zerafa in a bid to continue the fight But although the venue’s capacity was halved to 3,000 spectators and NSW Health gave the green light for event, Zerafa team members worried about north travel

Zerafa has said he is ready to take the fight if it is postponed for just two weeks, but said the Tszyu team is not ready to agree to the terms

“We are happy to fight him anywhere in the country if he is found to be COVID-free,” Zerafa told the Herald

“I’m not going to fight without a team or a coach behind me after being with them for the last 12 weeks at camp [They are health and financial well-being] always comes first

“I could go out there and fight but we start as a team and end as a team I stay with my team and when COVID is in place you can’t afford it

“We said we would when things got back to normal in NSW, but they didn’t want to comply”

Tszyu will still fight at Newcastle on July 7 after undefeated rising star Steve Spark stepped in as a replacement opponent on one week’s notice

“Michael Zerafa will never fight on a major card in Australia for the rest of his career,” said Tszyu promoter Matt Rose

“Pulling out a major fight like this is not only devastating for us, but for Tim Tszyu and the general public, who have wanted this fight for so long

“Michael Zerafa showed his true colors to flee a fight like this He should retire now”

Tszyu targeted Zerafa at a press conference on Tuesday for not engaging in the fight

“He talks about it and he’s chasing me, followed me for three years; couldn’t get my name out of his mouth,” Tszyu said. “And it finally happened and they make up all this random crap”

“Thanks to Steve for taking this fight,” Tszyu said. “He’s a dangerous fighter with a lot of power I saw him for myself I was in the front row of the fight in Wollongong when he pounded Jack Brubaker and I saw how well he did under the bright lights ”

“I love challenges and life is all about taking risks,” he said. “Without risk there is no reward

“I had a dream of fighting Tim Tszyu and obviously it came a little faster than expected, but that’s a good thing I’m in good shape and I’m ready and I’m coming to Newcastle to win

Zerafa has said he still desperately wants the fight to continue, just at a later date

“I’ve been in front of Tim Tszyu, I’ve been to Sydney three or four times, and he had nothing to say,” Zerafa said on Wednesday evening.

“Now he knows the fight is over and he’s got his vocal cords back. It’s pretty pathetic It’s just wrong

“My team and I really know we can knock him out, he knows we can knock him out I really want the fight, this is the biggest fight in Australian boxing

“We said to give at least two weeks and let the situation calm down and bring my team in

“I’m going there as a B-side, as an outsider The judges are against me, everyone is against me and now they tell me to go fight without a team

“I would fight anywhere in the country under any conditions, but when it comes to health regulations, we stick to what our government says and it’s not to travel because the restrictions are getting worse ”

Zerafa was hired to fight Tszyu several years ago, but Hall of Fame son Kostya had to retire with a hand injury The Victorian is hoping Tszyu’s promoters give in and pick a new date

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“I haven’t lost my faith,” Zerafa said “I really want to hurt her this time, knock her out and make a statement

“We know we can do it, but unfortunately his team is unwilling to comply and thinks COVID is just a joke

“We just need to make sure things are stable in NSW so that we can go out there and be comfortable in this environment

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Ebene News – AU – “His team thinks COVID is just a joke”: Zerafa calls off fight against Tszyu

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