Ebene News – AU – Hollywood quits work again after COVID-19 spike in Los Angeles

Most Hollywood productions have closed again until at least mid-January, the film industry actors union said, as cases of Covid-19 skyrocket hit record highs in Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA said the majority of entertainment productions “will be on hiatus until the second or third week of January if not later,” in a statement to members Tuesday night The post comes after Los Angeles County health officials on Christmas Eve urged filmmakers to “consider taking a break from work for a few weeks during this catastrophic outbreak of COVID cases.”Los Angeles – the most populous county in the country – has become the last American epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, surpassing 7,000 Covid hospitalizations for the first time on Monday

The sprawling county of 10 million people has suffered nearly 750,000 cases, including just under 10,000 deaths Southern California’s “stay at home” order was extended indefinitely on Tuesday, with several hospitals being overwhelmed and forced to refuse ambulances

SAG-AFTRA has spearheaded months-long efforts to reboot Hollywood since its initial shutdown in March, co-signing a deal with top studios in September to strengthen on-set coronavirus safety measures for its actors, including Even so, Los Angeles entertainment productions were at less than half of their usual level of activity in October, before declining again when Covid cases began to skyrocket

Film LA, the licensing body for productions around Los Angeles, said applications for films had recently plummeted to “lows we haven’t seen in the weeks following the reboot. of production last summer“Besides a few dozen independent films, very few feature films have resumed production in the Los Angeles area this year, with most filming limited to commercials and music video shoots.

In contrast, high profile productions have picked up overseas, including Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster, Mission Impossible 7 in the UK and Italy, and TV series such as Supergirl and Batwoman in Canada. Lack of coronavirus insurance continues to hamper productions in hopes of restarting SAG-AFTRA said it will ensure “proper precautions for the holiday break period, including extra time for testing before the resumption of production”

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Ebene News – AU – Hollywood shuts down work again after spike in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles

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