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DUBAI: What would become of Europe if society collapsed? This is the question posed by Tribes of Europa, the new German-language Netflix series from the producers behind the worldwide success of the Dark streaming service. This latest series has proven that television has entered a new era, in which a smart and compelling broadcast made anywhere in the world can create fandoms across Tribes of Europa cultures, with a younger tone and reach. larger, has the chance to eclipse Dark’s popularity, and is designed to do just that

Set in 2074, it follows three siblings living in a small community of hunter-gatherers in the woods who are drawn in different directions, exploring what has become of the continent since civilization mysteriously collapsed decades earlier. The older brother is sucked into a culture of people known as Crow, a brutal people who enslave anyone they capture, for their own amusement, forcing them to fight to the death The Middle Child joins a military group from modern EU forces Younger sets out on a journey in search of a lost people who may have the answers to how it all fell apart and rebuilding

More importantly, while each does good and evil, none is purely one or the other, as tribes are not a struggle between good and evil – it is a struggle for humanity to overcome its weaknesses and work together

“Even with what appear to be the super villains, the Crows, you find that they have some interesting thoughts, or at least clear agendas and ways of thinking. They have this humanist party culture and they have very high honor standards.I want to take the show to a point where, especially if there’s a season two, audiences can decide what kind of character they are. , of the tribe that resonates with him, ”Philip Koch, the show’s creator, told Arab News

One of the stars of the series, Ana Ularu, who plays a crow, sees the series as a commentary on the artificiality of borders and the ease with which we construct them between ourselves

“Here there are personality traits and allegiances that separate us, but it’s always a separation It has always been fascinating to me that we got down to hating other human beings for supporting a different football team We create these absolutely man-made divisions between us which is amazing For example why will we persevere in this us versus them mentality on such an absurd level, instead of thinking that we are all going through this journey together, ”Ularu said. p>

Tribes of Europa, with a younger tone and wider reach, is blessed to eclipse Dark’s popularity, and is designed to do just that (Provided)

Varvara, a leader of the Ravens, is one of the most fascinating and horrific characters, played by Melika Foroutan Murderous and manipulative, she has a deep pathos that lurks beneath the surface, forced to disconnect from her humanity in order to survive. She’s a character who made the actress think of some of the big bad guys in cinema

“Take some perverted characters from movie history, like Amon Goeth played by Ralph Fiennes on Schindler’s list – I watched this movie to prepare myself and saw something that caught my eye There is always something you can find in the core of the character that is still human, ”said Foroutan

It is the humanity at the heart of these characters upon which the hope for a better future rests, as long as that remains, it can become something more compassionate.The characters in the series grow and change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the best, but optimism that a better future is possible underlines the series For one of its stars, Henriette Confurius, who plays one of the three brothers and sisters Liv, this is what will make it resonate in 2021

“Because of everything that is going on in the world, I think a lot of people are not really in the mood to watch something about the end of the world, about disasters, about war and fighting. Watching the show I realized it was really about building a new world and getting out of something – he has so much strength and power and it gives so much hope and such a good feeling ” , Confurius said

For Koch, the show is meant to be a lot of fun first and foremost, leaving viewers of all ages with something more to chew on once the credits roll, something he’s built to continue for up to nine seasons to come, has he revealed

“It’s great popcorn entertainment, but it’s not silly or just not for the devil. There’s a humanistic message out there, about how and what we should do with our existence as a ‘humanity on earth, and don’t get into a scenario like this in our future Knock wood, we don’t, “Koch said

DUBAI: Egyptian director Manal Khaled’s feature film “Trapped” will premiere at the South by Southwest US festival, which will take place March 16-20

The film, directed and produced by Khaled, who co-wrote it with Egyptian writer Rasha Azab, focuses on a number of women from different backgrounds who feel constrained by the restrictions placed by male characters in their lives.

The festival, which will take place online, will open with the world premiere of Michael Ratner’s “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil,” a documentary about the pop singer’s near-fatal drug overdose in 2018

The full film program includes 75 feature films, including 57 world premieres, three international premieres, four North American premieres, one US premiere, eight Texas premieres and 53 novice filmmakers

LONDON: London Fashion Week starts on virtual format Friday due to coronavirus lockdown with mainstays like Victoria Beckham avoiding the event, but others like Burberry adopting the online avatar

Despite the absence of celebrities and fashionistas from around the world, designers such as Britain’s Molly Goddard and Ireland’s Simone Rocha will show their collections on the London Fashion Week website

Most of the 94 designers on the show, which ends Tuesday, will air video clips of their collections featuring menswear, womenswear or mixed fashions in a now neutral event.

On Monday, the British brand Burberry – known for its bespoke trench coats – will present its Men’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection, designed by Italian artistic director Riccardo Tisci

In September, the brand presented its Spring / Summer 2021 collection in a film set in the middle of a forest and broadcast live on Twitch

The streaming platform has grown in popularity, showing live video games and offering the ability to comment live

DUBAI: This has become one of the most powerful photographs of the results of the August 4 explosion in Beirut: an interior mural of the face of revered Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran, partially destroyed and trapped between broken tiles and debris scattered, furtively through a completely collapsed wall It sums up the devastation caused to Lebanese heritage by the explosion

“When I saw it for the first time, I got goosebumps,” Lebanese photographer Dia Mrad, the man behind the image – which has since gone viral – told Arab News. with this photo I was able to capture everything we were all feeling at that moment; utter devastation The look in Gibran’s eyes was very expressive to many people – the way anger mixed with sadness and disappointment manifested itself on his face. “

As Lebanon continues to suffer from the simultaneous crises of a near-non-existent government, unprecedented economic collapse and the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrad has made it his mission to document damaged facades of buildings, including palaces and estates, and their destruction interiors Some of them date back to the late 1800s, when Lebanon was under Ottoman rule

“In many places it doesn’t feel like it happened six months ago, it feels like it was yesterday The destruction is still as evident as it was the first day, ”Mrad says of the damage, although the same can be said for people’s morale. “You can see it in people’s eyes,” he said “Everything has changed You used to take to the streets and see happy faces and people living their day”

Shortly after the port explosion, the Lebanese Ministry of Culture said about 640 historic buildings – mostly in the popular areas of Gemmayze and Mar Mikhael – were damaged in the blast, of which nearly 60 were at risk of collapse “These are the most damaged areas because they were the closest to the port. It just so happens that these are the areas richest in cultural and architectural heritage,” says Mrad, adding that these precious buildings have no laws of protection

“They’re put on a list, but there are supposed to be incentives to keep them,” he explains “The government should be stricter with homeowners on what they can and can’t do. buildings are abandoned because the owners do not want to renovate them. If they are not interested in the heritage, they would rather just destroy this small building and sell the land for millions of dollars “

This notion of intentional destruction was Mrad’s initial motivation to do something, he explains. “There has always been this fear of wanting to somehow preserve the memory of these buildings for the future in case they are. gone “, he said “I think that’s one of the main reasons I took so many pictures”

Graduated with a master’s degree in architecture, Mrad has always admired the diversity of the architectural scene of his cosmopolitan city “It’s so linked to history,” he notes “There were different movements in the architectural style, where the traditional Lebanese style has been affected by the Art Deco movement and modernism What is fascinating is that it still shows in the cityscape “Thanks to his recent work, Mrad creates a before-after series, evaluating the extent of damage caused by the explosion He plans to compile a selection of his photographs in a book

An image just as striking as his photo of the Gibran mural is Mrad’s photo of the interior of the Feghali house in Ashrafieh, with its golden curtains, pastel green walls and ornate ceiling. After the explosion it looked ransacked, with fallen chairs and shards of shattered glass littering the ground “Seeing everything crumble like that is like seeing the Mona Lisa blow up,” Mrad says

One of its most dramatic representations of exterior damage is the Dagher Estate, founded by the Dagher family in the mid-1700s His garden was emptied by the explosion, including the loss of a Jacaranda tree that had been planted over 100 years ago

However, Mrad does not focus his energy solely on his personal projects. With his background in photography, he is currently involved in the Beirut Heritage Initiative, a local organization that is leading efforts to repair what has been destroyed. Although the teams experienced setbacks – from COVID-19 restrictions, state neglect, and lack of access to overseas donations – they were able to renovate a few structures, temporarily shelter buildings with equipment from protection and install scaffolding to avoid collapsing

“There have certainly been a lot of improvements,” he says. “But in terms of rebuilding or getting back to what it was, we are still very far from it”

The Palestinian singer-songwriter has released the first single – and accompanying video – from her upcoming EP “Risha” The track – “Sununu” – is evocative and delicate, alternating between world music and vibes electronic, and includes a spoken words section towards the end. Lyrically, Shamshoum said in a press release, this is a song “about being in a society that expects that people look a certain way, fit into a mold, hide until they disappear It is dedicated to those who fight every day to be what they wish to be, instead of this that they are told to be “Shamshoum went on to describe his five-track EP, scheduled for release in April, as” a love letter to femininity and the human connection with nature and with oneself. “

The Lebanese artist’s last powerful piece is fueled by both personal and national tragedy “Fallu” (They are gone), she explained in a statement, was inspired by a poem by Ghassan Matar that Nehme read when “I had just lost my unborn child, for the second time” earlier this year It gained in intensity after the explosion of August 4 in the port of Beirut The song, she says, “is a promise may no one leave us forever; they are part of us, through every breath and every day of our life “The accompanying video” tells the story of five women who had to either continue their journey alone or without the presence of a loved one, who ‘it is a child, a partner, a parent or a friend “

The Egyptian composer and producer won the Outstanding Principal Title for Foreign Language TV Show at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards earlier this month for his soundtrack of the Lebanese TV show “Dofaat Beirut” Hedayah was also nominated for Best Piece of Music in the World for “El Otoor” Discussing his soundtrack of “Dofaat Beirut” in a press release, Hedayah said: “The show is about Beirut in the 60s, so it was a unusual challenge for me to musically capture the essence of another country in another period”He did so in part by adding” a hint of the French influence of Lebanese music at the time, “he explained.

Jordanian indie rock veterans released an exciting cover of ‘Helwa Ya Baladi’ by Egyptian-born French singer Dalida, performed in their own unmistakable style Judging by the production ratings, it took a while to come – bass and drums were recorded in 2015, but frontman Mahmoud Radaideh only added vocals and other instruments late last year

The Kuwaiti photographer was one of the winners of the January Instagram competition of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum International Photography Awards, the theme of which was “Abstract Light and Dark” Murad won for this striking image of the horns of a Thomson gazelle ” In abstract photography there are often not the usual frames of reference for the viewer This lack of context is one of the reasons why abstract photography can be so difficult and so exciting, ”he wrote on Instagram

The 15-year-old Emirati singer-songwriter caused a stir with her debut track from the big label ‘Hung Up’, which garnered extensive media coverage as well as the attention of Fendi stylists. The upbeat sequel, “Coco Kisses,” has Afro-inspired percussion backing up Alya’s bilingual lyrics. She described the track in a press release as “tropical summer bliss”

The Lebanese-Canadian singer-songwriter returns with “I’ll Be Here”, a heartfelt ballad he describes as “a touching song of love and comfort.” It is about reassuring a loved one about the fact that you will always be there for it, even if you are not physically nearby, “he wrote online” The song is especially powerful today … when people are losing loved ones in the world ”

CHICAGO: From Istanbul, a 3,000-year-old city that is home to one of Turkey’s oldest communities, comes Nektaria Anastasiadou’s first novel, “A Recipe for Daphne” In an extraordinary examination of identity and belonging, Anastasiadou presents the rum community, Greek Orthodox Christians with roots in Istanbul and established before the Byzantine Empire, but whose decreasing number makes their older generation fearful of disappearing

In a tour of the five senses, with quaint cobbled streets of Pera Distrcit, cinnamon and rose water, pastries and coffee to savor, discussions of politics and the past, and a true representation of ‘a sprawling town and its layers of history, Anastasiadou presents Fanourios Paleologos, or Fanis – an older member of the rum community who is as fiery as he is stubborn At 76, Fanis seeks love in a town who broke his heart and made reparation for it many times As a descendant of the natives who lived in the city millennia ago, Fanis feels a duty to preserve his community, a community he takes seriously enough to find a new wife

Among his friends are those who remained in the city despite the Istanbul riots in 1955 which were directed against the Greek community after misinformation about a bombing of the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki began. to spread With deaths, shops and homes destroyed, many in the community have been left behind But those who remained are determined to rebuild So they are all excited when a friend’s American niece shows up and wants to return to Istanbul from Miami Between Fanis and a young pastry chef named Kosmas, Daphne’s hand is up for grabs

The lives of Anastasiadou’s characters intersect and merge in Istanbul There is a depth to their interactions as they evoke discussions of identity and roots, breaking down genetics to bring people together rather than tear them apart Among the older generation there is mistrust, but the young embrace the similarities more than the differences, navigating a different city in a different time It is a story about the intersections, the tangle of people, cultures and languages ​​meeting and evolving There are lines that divide, but there is life between these lines where we find the enchanting characters of Anastasiadou

Tribes of Europa

Ebene News – UA – Inside Netflix’s new post-apocalyptic series “Tribes of Europa”

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