Ebene News – AU – ISL 2020-21 LIVE, ATKMB 2-1 SCEB: Williams gives ATK Mohun Bagan the lead over SC East Bengal

David Williams celebrates goal for ATK Mohun Bagan against SC East Bengal in Indian Super League 2020-21 Friday – ISL / SPORTZPICS

Welcome to Sportstar’s ISL 2020-21 live coverage of the Calcutta Derby between ATK Mohun Bagan and SC East Bengal which will be played in Goa on Thursday

78 ‘This match was marked by some mistakes on both sides There hasn’t been much to separate from two Kolkata giants so far Last but not the least, it is absolutely peeling off the ground right now The rain is getting heavier and heavier by the minute

72 ‘GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL !!!!!!!! DAVID WILLIAMS SCORES !!!!!! ATK MOHUN BAGAN 2 – 1 SC BENGAL EST !!!! It was a pure gift SCEB goalkeeper Subrata Paul made a decent save and rolled the ball to Matti Steinmann, who in turn passed it to Daniel Fox The short pass from the East Bengal skipper to the end bearing was intercepted by ATKMB striker Roy Krishna who set up David Williams The Australian striker found the back of the net with a superb finish

CORNER 70 ‘FOR ATKMB! Javier Hernandez will take this one He sends a cross into the box The ball deflects a SC East Bengal player and comes out for another ATK Mohun Bagan set piece

67 ‘SUBSTITUTION! ATK manager Mohun Bagan Antonio Habas decides to call on Javier Hernandez to replace Marcelinho on the pitch The Mariners gaffer looks tense on the sidelines

65 ‘RESERVATION! Sandesh Jhingan makes up a bad foul on Pilkington Referee immediately shows ATKMB center-back a yellow card Pilkington has a brief argument with Jhingan

62 ‘BLOCK! SCEB full-back Narayan Das does well to get in the way of a shot from Roy Krishna McHugh receives the ball after the rebound and smashes it on the goal post

60 ‘YELLOW CARD! This is the third booking of the night After Bright (SCEB) and McHugh (ATKMB), SC East Bengal forward Anthony Pilkington enters the referee’s book for an ill-chosen tackle

57 ‘COUNTER-ATTACK! Manvir Singh tries to execute a low cross into the box from the right flank But Daniel Fox clears the ball and it falls straight to Bright Enobakhare, who rushes forward However, ATKMB regains possession after a while

54 ‘CRAZY! Lenny Rodrigues eliminates SC East Bengal defender Ankit Mukherjee in midfield Referee does not deal a card, only awards SCEB a free kick

51 ‘SHOT! ATK Mohun Bagan midfielder Carl McHugh sends a header to Williams, who controls the ball well and shoots it but his shot attempt goes way over the crossbar

48 ‘LUCK FOR ATKMB! David Williams tries to find Roy Krishna with a pass But it goes straight to SCEB Subrata goalkeeper Paul Raju Gaikwad did well to put pressure on Krishna here

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Roy Krishna gave ATK Mohun Bagan the lead as expected But SC East Bengal received an equalizer via a goal against their own side of Tiri The second Calcutta derby of the Indian Super League heads to an exciting finish He forty-five minutes left Stay tuned!

45 2 ‘Raju Gaikwad constantly disturbed ATKMB with his long throws from the right wing This time, Pritam Kotal directs the ball for a corner SCEB However, Maghoma’s delivery is not good

44 ‘Three minutes of stopping time to add at the end of the first half! Manvir Singh receives a long pass from the other half He takes a decent touch and lets fly a long But the ball hits the stands

41 ‘OWN GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL !!!!!!! TIRI WITH THE ERROR !!! SC EAST BENGAL 1 – 1 ATK MOHUN BAGAN !!!!! Raju Gaikwad with another long throw for SCEB The ball went straight to Tiri But maybe because he was blocked by his own teammate Sandesh Jhingan he couldn’t see the ball properly as he slid it in his own net

39 ‘SHOT! Roy Krishna tests SCEB goalkeeper Subrata Paul with a decent shot from a narrow angle Sarthak Golui should have been much more alert here

36 ‘This Roy Krishna vs Daniel Fox duel has been intense so far Just as Marcelinho was trying to find his ATKMB striker with a neat pass, Fox made another intervention

33 ‘Despite the conceded goal, SC East Bengal nearly matched ATK Mohun Bagan’s possession and passing stats It was only the attacks in the final third that let SCEB down

27 ‘CRAZY! ATK Mohun Bagan defender Pritam Kotal elbows SC East Bengal’s Bright Enobakhare in scuffle for the ball Referee awards SCEB a free kick now

24 ‘VERY CLOSE! David Williams sends a pass for Marcelinho into the box But the ATKMB playmaker’s shot on target is saved by Subrata Paul He could have passed the ball to Roy Krishna instead

21 ‘LUCK FOR ATKMB! Manvir Singh releases Lenny Rodrigues forward on the right flank Lenny Rodrigues tries a low cross in the middle But SCEB center-back Daniel Fox makes a crucial interception

18 ‘YELLOW CARD! SC East Bengal Bright striker Enobakhare is penalized by referee for a stupid foul on ATK’s Subhasish Bose Mohun Bagan It was on the follow-up

15 ‘GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL !!!!!!! ROY KRISHNA score !!! ATK MOHUN BAGAN 1 – 0 SC BENGAL EST !!!!! As SC East Bengal attacked with numbers ahead and a high line behind, Tiri regained possession for ATKMB and sent a long ball towards Roy Krishna, who controlled him well. He then sprinted towards goal, dribbled past goalie Subrata Paul and found the back of the net

13 ‘CORNER FOR SCEB! Jacques Maghoma will take it His cross in the box is cleared by the ATKMB defense Narayan Das arrives at the ball and provides another long ball Arindam Bhattacharja collects this one

11 ‘SHOT! Bright Enobakhare advances the ball for East Bengal He easily passes Pritam Kotal and heads towards the goal Bright then escapes Tiri and shoots at the target But the ball is deflected for a free kick

9 ‘THROW-IN FOR SCEB! East Bengal defender Raju Gaikwad tries a long shot into the box But there is a header in the middle for ATKMB Sourav Das receives the ball and has a shot that misses the mark a bit

6 ‘VERY CLOSE! Roy Krishna dribbled a few SCEB players to enter the box But ATK striker Mohun Bagan’s shot on target was blocked by Raju Gaikwad The rebound fell on Subhasish Bose who provided a good cross from the left However , Manvir Singh could not access the ball

3 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan’s good start here David Williams with a very early chance The defense of SC East Bengal struggled to clear the ball

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7:00 p.m .: “Kolkata Derby, chilaam aachi thaakbo!” – Santadeep Dey gives insight into the rivalry between the giants of Kolkata from the streets of the city- READ

Arindam Bhattacharja; Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose; Carl McHugh, Lenny Rodrigues; David Williams, Marcelinho, Manvir Singh; Roy Krishna

Subrata Paul; Ankit Mukherjee, Sarthak Golui, Daniel Fox, Raju Gaikwad, Narayan Das; Sourav Das, Jacques Maghoma, Matti Steinmann; Anthony Pilkington, Bright Enobakhare

Arindam Bhattacharja; Sandesh Jhingan, Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal, Tiri; Carl McHugh, Lenny Rodrigues; David Williams, Marcelinho, Manvir Singh; Roy Krishna

Subrata Paul; Ankit Mukherjee, Sarthak Golui, Daniel Fox, Raju Gaikwad, Narayan Das; Sourav Das, Jacques Maghoma, Matti Steinmann; Anthony Pilkington, Bright Enobakhare

Arindam Bhattacharja (ATKMB); Pritam Kotal (ATKMB), Sandesh Jhingan (ATKMB), Daniel Fox (SCEB), Narayan Das (SCEB); Jacques Maghoma (SCEB), Matti Steinmann (SCEB), Lenny Rodrigues (ATKMB); Bright Enobakhare (SCEB), Roy Krishna (ATKMB), Manvir Singh (ATKMB)

550 hrs: The final episode of ‘The Full Time Show’ features Robbie Fowler’s interview with our reporters Shyam Vasudevan and Amitabha Das Sharma We are also interested in his first stint as ISL coach and his season with SC East Bengal

The seventh edition of the Indian Super League kicked off in a bio-bubble in Goa on November 20

The tournament, which will run for four months, will see 11 teams compete in a league and playoff format at three venues Following the inclusion of SC East Bengal, this season will feature 115 games, up from 95 last season

There is an unusual sense of disengagement as two of Indian football’s oldest rivals – ATK Mohun Bagan and SC East Bengal – remain poles apart from the current Indian Super League rankings (ISL 2020-21). eerie backdrop for the iconic Kolkata Derby which will see its second edition of the season at Fatorda Stadium on Friday

The two traditional rivals have seldom remained so distant in the long history of their conflict and fans on both sides will wish that the difference did not become a factor in the shock of the derby, which has always been an exciting contest of emotion. and nerve

ISL 2020-21 top scorers list: ATK’s Roy Krishna Mohun Bagan leads the race for the Golden Boot; Angulo second, Fondre third

ATK Mohun Bagan, who beat Jamshedpur FC by a lone goal in their previous outing, are currently perched at the top of the table with 36 points in 17 games And with just three innings remaining, the Mariners are on one of the favorites to walk away with the league winners shield

In contrast, SC East Bengal fell to the bottom half and rank ninth with 17 points gained in as many matches The team got off to a bad start and eventually dropped out of the competition, failing to recover much in the later stages.

What makes the competition even more meaningful is the fact that it has entered its 100th year of existence.Recent research based on newspaper articles has revealed that the two teams have officially come together first encountered on August 8, 1921 at the Cooch Behar Cup, a tournament which ceased to circulate some time ago This fact has also been recognized by the ISL, which has welcomed the two former clubs into its fold this season.

ATK Mohun Bagan would certainly seek to repeat the success of the first phase (2-0) he had against the traditional rival and consolidate his position at the top On the other hand, SC East Bengal will play for the prestige while seeking to offer his fans the opportunity to brag about something this season Ironically, one of the most watched events in Indian sports will once again have to take place without fans in the stands due to the existing pandemic situation.

“The derby is different The attitude of the players, the level of pressure is different from other matches because you have the possibility of changing the season with a victory It’s a dangerous game for us”, said the coach of ATK Mohun Bagan Antonio Habas on the eve of the match “We will be looking for three points as we have done in other matches. It is important for us to stay on top,” Habas added

SC East Bengal look better prepared than they were when they faced Mohun Bagan in their first ISL game

ISL 2020-21: points table, goals scored, goal difference – FC Goa move up to fourth place

“The first derby was a bit unfair for us considering our preparation time It was more the start of a new journey as most of the players had never played at ISL before You can watch our campaign in two halves Every day is a day of learning here, ”said SC East Bengal assistant coach Tony Grant Grant to remain in command of derby as head coach Robbie Fowler is sidelined with suspension

“This derby has a lot of history and memories We know how much the derby means to the people Hope we can make our fans proud,” Grant added

Indian Super League, SC East Bengal, Mohun Bagan AC, Kolkata Derby

Ebene News – AU – ISL 2020-21 LIVE, ATKMB 2 – 1 SCEB: Williams gives the advantage to ATK Mohun Bagan vs SC East Bengal

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