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MOON Times NBA reporter Dan Woike and some guests offered live commentary on a possible preview of the final

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Thank you very much everyone, especially Amy, Dan and Andre You were a joy Come back soon

Lakers lose 109-98 Frame It was ugly Big questions after the game about Schroder, the filming of the lakers and for me, why only 15 minutes for Montrezl Harrell

Well friends Me and Dan have to go to work Had fun Until we meet again Peace

Fun fact for my SHINING fans According to his book, his hotel room in the bubble was 237

Funny statistic: 10 teams have won a game this year with 6 shots from 3 points or less Lakers win two of these victories

I try to go to several G league games when I’m in town Feels like Devante gets every ball 50/50 dude playing so hard

He performed so well in the Showcase if I remember correctly (which is the NBA event I’m going to miss the most this year)

He’s probably the reigning G-League MVP without his stress fracture. We were a whole different team without him

I was thinking about the difference between Dame and Beal today, and it’s like 25 regular season wins a year

I feel bad for Lady Hitting daggers every night, dragging this injured team to victory

Came from the Editors Room with a hot catch: I watch a lot of Warriors basketball and as a real homeroom I love Steph for MVP That’s it

I’ve always been a big guy from Kuzma He’s frustrating because he’s capable of so many things I’ll always take guys like that and hope they figure it out on people who aren’t capable haha

In a very short time this deal went from “hey got how much?” to “how much did they keep it for?”

In a very short period of time, that deal went from “how much did he get?” to “how much did they keep it for?”

This is the best basketball Kyle Kuzma has played as a professional last month

Before I ever talk about this game again, it would be nice to give Kuzma some genuine, uncovered compliments People never seem to say great things about her without crossing their fingers behind their back

Vogel has to step in at some point and cancel Klutch and get LeBron out of there

Games like this are so hard to judge Circumstances are so strange Is it just “one of those nights?” Did we just prove that the Nets with Harden and Kyrie are better than the Lakers with LeBron?

Marc Gasol just dived for a loose ball (led to a LeBron 3) and it sounded like an anvil fallen on the ground

Ok, Broderick Turner I put on my Schröder shirt this morning before I knew he wasn’t playing because I thought he would be an integral part

hey we have a READER QUESTION: how seriously do the Lakers really take the regular season?

Back to Love and Basketball None None It’s been so long, but it was a defining moment in Clippers history back then, yes?

I have to say you can just say the words “Teen Wolf” and I’ll laugh every time, but affectionately

Hélène, I see this film came out before I was born Was it a silent film?

Since my co-host is a Clipper fan, I relished that the movie gets a good dunk on them

Unspooled is such a fun movie show, and again this week Amy and her co-host, a Clipper fan named Paul Scheer, broke Love & Basketball

Amazing story here’s a less amazing story After this cover appeared, I tore LeBron apart when his high school team played Pauley for missing class

So Colson walked out as he walked in, NFG He went with the Akron Kid The picture, by an equally young and brilliant artist, Michael LeBrecht, was perfect The story, by Grant Wahl, 20-something years, was exceptional Colson did what all editors should do: he surprised and delighted SI readers (with the notable exception of his super pissed off bosses, but what were they going to do? Fired him?)

But Bill Colson, the aforementioned editor-in-chief, got the job in 1996 because of a summer essay when he went all out for memorable covers, like calling Miami to kill his football program and have Dennis pose. Rodman for this cover

It was an obvious choice to be the cover of the following week SI loved, absolutely loved the Olympics and three teenagers won medals with a cover line like “Rad” or “Amplitude, Dude!” was getting 3-5 odds in Vegas It was the obvious choice

This now famous cover of LeBron was designed like a middle finger out the door by the editor of Sports Illustrated (the best dog in SI) at the time It was in the middle of the Games. winter of 2002 in Salt Lake City and snowboarding was one thing, and it became a bigger thing when the US men swept the halfpipe

I think now is the perfect time for Chris to tell us a great LeBron story today, Feb 18th anniversary of LeBron James’ very first SI cover “The Chosen One”

LeBron James is the fastest to reach 35,000 points in the NBA (28 games ahead of KAJ, 74 faster than Karl Malone)

It’s my 5th descent if I’m a trainer Kieff, Bron, AC, KCP, Kuz 5 guys who know how to win together

READER’S QUESTION: Did any of you talk to the Lakers about what it’s like to play in a building that allows fans, like Utah or Atlanta? Do they think playing in an empty Staples is a disadvantage on the court?

If the Lakers come back and it’s one if Kuzma saves, Caruso hangs and KCP three

Some Fast News from StaplesWes Matthews back in the locker room It looked like kind of a straight leg

I used to play Staples when the stands looked like this now (the LA D-Fenders in the G-League used to play their home games at Staples when I was with the Utah Flash) you could count the number of fans Much more a feeling of practice environment No advantage on the field, in fact it probably works on the opposing team in favor of more Empty gym for home team

Andre – I wanted to know what you think about it because you’ve played in all kinds of crazy environments How is it different when there are fans / no fans?

Thanks Dan! Make everyone happy! Nets it’s no secret I love 3 balls I just wish it was against a different team tonight smh!

Oh, being away from AD hurts a lot more Nets have been scoring for days AD is doing a lot for them on both sides

To readerAD is a much bigger loss (at least in the short term) The best part about three stars is that you can earn with two stars when there aren’t any

READER’S QUESTION: AD output, KD output A wash? or one team suffered more than the other

My boyfriend introduced me to Mckenzie Caldwell-Pope’s instagram She influenced us to get matching versions of this shirt https: // wwwinstagramcom / p / CGAx4KiF7nl /

Yeah He and his partner were my favorites I still don’t believe how they did it

I just typed that Bill, half of Quick Change, David Maas died of COVID in November

Helene Elliott I Will Go With Laker Girls We Miss, as well as the Human Jukebox, the free tacos and all that balances things on their noses

I just took out the NBA Trade Machine practice to prepare for a Drummond trade for the Lakers and my computer just started smoking thats how bad the options are

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So one quick thing have you seen that last kick from a THT kick A lot of upset people on the bench It’s a room where the Lakers want to see the ball swinging to the perimeter for a shooter

Broderick Turner I would say add the Kings and Ducks but I don’t think Dylan attended a game

None None I’m going “you don’t know what you’ve got until he’s gone” because the lakers are clearly missing the guy who makes their defense special

I have two children to feed, Helene Elliott As much as Dodgers, Rams and Galaxy fans would like, I can’t afford to be fired yet

READER’S QUESTION: Dan Bailey, what would be a good theme song for tonight’s game and why?

Daniel Woike feels like the shoot is coming back to earth, but they have to refine those fences

Anyone else thinks that without AD LeBron needs to play less minutes and save himself? Seeding doesn’t matter, reg season doesn’t matter, without AD Lakers, but a home streak anyway, and without fans, that’s not a factor

During Lakers practice the guys who weren’t playing a lot of minutes were mingling, and he was just killing Dominant games, hitting shots, passing and a Lakers coach leaned over me at one point and said: “This m ——— could start for us next year”

THT worked hard on his body in the GLeague with the South Bay Lakers, then continued to work on his body when the NBA closed its doors

I have a question for this reader Back then, did THT still put his hands on his lower back like an old rancher watching his cattle? I like this pose

READER’S QUESTION: I watched THT play in college Different position, different body, not a guard Where did this transformation come from?

OK, so 1st quarter over, Lakers lose 31-24 Shooting in Brooklyn 571 percent, 556 of three Bench beat Lakers bench 9-0 What everyone thinks ?

I can’t wait to see what an awesome THT flight will make in the next quarter to make up for this failed dunk

The Griffin talk generated a follow-up question READER’S QUESTION: Any chance that Drummond will be bought out

Has anyone ever gotten to the bottom of Harden’s weight loss? What do we think of the big combination theory?

I’ve been waiting all season for one of these giant orange coolers to come off the bench in the trash

If we’re sharing any school stories, I’ve been to OU and would love those rumors of Blake joining the Lakers to be more than a dust storm

I think Philadelphia has the best chance, but they’re an even worse shooting team than the Lakers right now (Wow Dylan Wow)

Hey, World B Free went to my high school! John Salley too And the guy who invented Starbucks

Plaschke is alone there Irving and KD Glass, and the team have yet to show they can play defense consistently Of course the Nets can make the final, but no way they are a lock

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m from Brooklyn Born and raised Long before it got all the rage

Speaking of crowds, we have Andre Ingram here He’s performed in front of crowds of all kinds of sizes Dre, how’s it when the gym is empty?

@ U1CGRR27K Are you somewhat famous for the conviction behind your opinions, but nonetheless were you somewhat surprised at your reluctance to proclaim the Nets the East finalists? Does everyone feel this?

@ U1CGRR27K Are you a little famous for the conviction behind your opinions, but I was still a little surprised at your reluctance to proclaim the Nets the East finalists? Does everyone feel this?

Even on TV, so weird to watch a game like this in front of no crowd Seems like a scrum on NBA TV

Following my question, does Daniel Woike and Broderick Turner Vogel always talk like this?

Following my question to Dan Bailey, Daniel Woike and Broderick Turner, does Vogel always talk like this?

Speaking of hair, has anyone read Jared Dudley’s new book on life in the NBA Bubble? It’s a good read, but not a single mention of Rondo’s brother Will, who ran the Bubble Barbershop

Kuzma’s three-point shot is so important to this team Even though this team has been terrible from depth (under 30% in their last eight games), I asked Vogel if they should shoot again. more His response was “Yeah”

Dan Bailey, thank you very much for joining us I just need to know Are you confident in your decision to join us tonight?

Welcome Amy and Andre – so glad to have you both First question for Amy, how bad is Space Jam 2 going to be?

To the reader’s question – James Harden isn’t exactly selfish on the pitch, he’s always been a willful passer It’s just that his style has always been the dominant force In a team with KD and Kyrie he must be more versatile

Just finished a column before the Australian Open final Jennifer Brady-Naomi Osaka Did I miss Lakers foot faults?

READER’S QUESTION: What do you think of the Harden transformation? My respect grew for him when these 3 play together He sacrificed the most I believe and shows how a really great player he is

And Blake owes around $ 75 million next season Would be nearly impossible Now if he gets a different buyout

lol He even looks like a guy who can give you 6 faults and make the guards fear that a fat guy is hiding

I think we should ask Dan – what do Lakers fans want and are they right / wrong in wanting it?

I really don’t see this team making a “big” trade They’ve already made their move – it was for Dennis Schroder Now the buyout market will be active

A slightly more difficult question, which I ask our Lakers insiders Daniel Woike and Broderick Turner Is there a way for the lakers to trade for Blake Griffin?

No fatal flaw if AD would still play nice to see them add a great Andre Drummond, anyone?

The big news is Kyle Kuzma’s haircut The first question I want to ask everyone is simple Does this Lakers team have a fatal flaw?

The fact that I’m somehow worse at fantasy basketball than basketball actually shows how good a year I have spent and here we go

And big thanks to Brooklyn Nets insider and LA Times sports editor Chris Stone for piloting this ship

We have the Lakers legend, one of the best stories of the past decade, Andre Ingram joins us Representing the voice of Lakers fans, I asked Amy Nicholson, film critic and host, “Unspooled “(one of my favorite pods) and my friend Father John Misty drummer Dan Bailey to join us And we’re so lucky to have so many amazing voices at The Times who have seen so much basketball Our amazing columnists Dylan Hernandez , Helene Elliot and Bill Plaschke are here So is the man, the myth, the legend, BT, Brad Turner

The game hasn’t started yet, so you can keep poking fun at Daniel Woike for his fantastic creative skills

Hi Everyone Welcome to our very first Lakers live chat, brought to you by the Times staff behind Full-Court Text!

Bill, we can start with the obvious question: What odds do you think these two teams face in the final?

We are joined by Bill Plaschke, eight-time APSE Sports Writer of the Year for The Times He comes, as always, armed with answers and opinions Welcome, Bill

Do you have questions about the game? James? A D? Kevin Durant? What is it like to tour with Father John Misty? Send them on Twitter at @latimessports and the group will respond right here in the chat

Dan and I chatted on our virtual backstage and I’m going to go to the record and say we have a LeBron story that will be worth the price of admission alone (and yes we realize the price of admission is free)

/ p>

Dan and I chatted on our virtual backstage and I’m going to go to the record and say we have a LeBron story that will be worth the price of admission alone (and yes we realize the price of admission is free)

/ p>

A few notes on the chat – Here’s how it goes: Make sure you’ve signed up for Full-Court Text, and once you’re signed up, just reply to this number with questions / comments and we’ll let you know. will do our best to get them to our panelists – cause we have some fun ones Former Lakers guard Andre Ingram can take us inside the lines Superfans Amy Nicholson host of one of my favorite podcasts , Unspooled, and drummer Dan Bailey, who plays with Father John Misty, will share their views.And there’s the Times sports staff, with our columnists and the legendary Broderick Turner, who will all be up to the task

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And, in some breaking news, there’s no Dennis Schröder tonight either, as he’s a late scratch because of the NBA’s COVID health and safety protocols That could mean A LOT of different things (a positive test, an inconclusive test, possible exposure, etc.) We should have more details on this later

Hey everyone, welcome to the LA Times live chat for Nets-Lakers – a game with some of the league’s biggest stars despite some of the league’s biggest stars not playing because of a wound! That’s how crazy he is that LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden are on these two lists

(I must add that tonight is the first anniversary, to the day, of my first meeting with my co-host Daniel Woike We had eggs in a Chicago hotel lobby bar It complained about editing a long story of Kobe happening this weekend Happy Birthday, buddy)

I’m Chris Stone, executive sports writer for The Times and co-host of tonight’s live chat.The regular season can be tough work and mid-February is usually as slow as in the NBA But this week at Staples , there’s a real whiff of summer, when games really matter clips go back-to-back with Jazz (and how many casual fans out of 100 would think Utah has the league’s best record?) and these clashes sandwich tonight’s Lakers-Nets game, a potential preview of the final We have some great guests who have a lot of knowledge and opinions to share throughout the night, so feel free to ask us your questions

Lakers vs Nets

Ebene News – UA – Lakers vs Nets Live Chat

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