Ebene News – AU – LastPass Free Drops Crucial Feature – Here Are The Best Alternatives

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers on the market thanks to its robust feature set, affordable family plan and most importantly, exceptional free tier

For those users who have joined based on the latter benefit, today’s news will be a serious disappointment as LastPass announced that as of March 16, LastPass Free users will no longer be able to sync their passwords on all their devices (via The Verge)

You will be limited to synchronizing your passwords between computers (desktops and laptops) or mobile devices (phones, smartwatches and tablets) This is a killing blow for the free tier for most users because the ability to use a password manager everywhere is essential to its utility

This decision will come as a shock to some users, but it is much more surprising that the free tier has retained this level of functionality as long as it has it. Especially since the company is increasing the price of its paid tier by $ 12 per year in 2017 to its current $ 36 per year without any dramatic drop in free tier functionality

I’m sure some free tier users will at least try to get around the new limitations first, but most will either need to upgrade to a paid plan or look for an alternative service.

For those who want to stick with LastPass, while the individual plan costs $ 36 per year, the family plan subscription is much more affordable at just $ 48 per year for up to six users

If you are a single user and looking for a more affordable alternative to LastPass Premium, there are a few options to consider

As I said, very few third-party services even offer a free tier that allows syncing across devices, but they do exist Zoho Vault is a component of a larger suite of enterprise tools, but you can choose to use the password manager alone for free.It is by no means as feature rich as LastPass, but it does sync your passwords with its servers and is reasonably user friendly

KeePass is another free option with a lot of community support, but you should be prepared to do some of the work yourself You will need to sync your password database through a cloud service or your home network if you prefer, and on mobile, you will have to use a third-party application

There are also a number of built-in password managers on the various platforms Chrome is one of the most popular and of course will offer tight integration for Android users on mobile Apple users can rely on the iCloud Keychain if they don’t wander off on other platforms Microsoft offers password management with Authenticator, but this is a milestone compared to the other two

If the goal is to stay below $ 36 per year, that opens up more options Keeper is probably the most powerful of them with a great user interface and extensive support across all platforms, but at $ 35 per year it is barely eligible You can save up to 30% by going for multi-year plans, however, which saves you more money that way

For real savings while still getting the same features, check out RoboForm for $ 24 a year Desktop apps are probably its biggest weakness, but it’s an otherwise solid service that’s just a step behind other paid options

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Ebene News – AU – LastPass Free drops crucial feature – Here are the best alternatives

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