Ebene News – AU – Lizzo wore the comfy oversized hoodie that TikTok obsesses over, and the wearable blanket is on sale now

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Lizzo appears to be on board with one of TikTok’s most comfy fashion trends – a giant, oversized fleece hoodie

This week, Lizzo posted two videos of herself wearing the popular The Comfy sweatshirt, which is essentially a wearable blanket with a hood and a pocket.

In one clip, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter lay on her bed with her stuffed animals while wearing the hoodie, and in another, she wore it while dancing on a video affirmed

On TikTok, the hashtag of “The Comfy” has 55 million views at time of writing Some of the videos bearing the name of the trendy hoodie show people in department stores reaching for it, shoppers who buy it impulsively online and shoppers who dance in their living room while wearing it

A quick YouTube search yields many more videos of people enthusiastically unboxing and reviewing their Comfy hoodies

The Comfy is currently available on the company’s website or on Amazon There are several different versions – the original and two with a zipper All versions feature the Lizzo branded hoodie and pocket appears wear the original version, without the zipper, in pink color in his videos

The original, on the company’s website, costs $ 39.99, while those with the zipper cost $ 49.99

In 2017, The Comfy made an appearance on the popular American reality TV show “Shark Tank” where budding entrepreneurs present their products and business ideas to a panel of ultra-rich business people and future potential investors, such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran, among others

Brian and Michael Speciale, the two Phoenix-based brothers who founded the company, presented the product to the panel and secured a $ 50,000 investment from Corcoran in return for a 30% stake in their business

Barbara Corcoran, investor “Shark Tank”, is co-owner of the company which manufactures The Comfy

Taylor Hill / Stringer / Getty Images

A year later, the “Sharks” reacted to the footage from the pitch session for a Vanity Fair video

“No inventory, they didn’t know their numbers, but they had the courage to sit there and throw like they had gold,” Corcoran said of The founders’ speech Comfy “I said:” I’m not sure I got the product “, but I chose it”

“This is a fabulous product. It would never have happened if they had waited for everything to be in order and arrived on the Shark Tank” No, they came with just a prototype, that’s all “, a- she added

Dubbed a ‘Huggle’, the hybrid sweatshirt blanket dupe looks a lot like The Comfy and costs around $ 10 cheaper than The Comfy’s regular retail price on Amazon It has the same hood and an oversized pocket as The Comfy but seems to be a bit more comfortable overall

Krause wrote that she loves The Huggle so much that she bought a second one to wear when the first is washed

Insider reporter Amanda Krause in her Huggle, a cheaper Comfy dupe

Amanda Krause / Insider

“In my opinion the best thing about Huggles is that you are able to stay warm wherever you go while wearing one,” said Krause “If you feel comfortable on your couch while being wrapped in a Huggle, you can get up for a snack while staying warm “

This $ 30 hooded blanket is a game-changer for working from home and keeps me warm in the coldest air conditioning

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Ebene News – AU – Lizzo wore the comfy oversized hoodie that TikTok obsesses over, and the wearable blanket is on sale now

Source: https://www.insider.com/lizzo-wore-tiktok-famous-hoodie-wearable-blanket-comfy-shark-tank-2020-12