Ebene News – AU – NT introduces MANDATORY quarantine for all arrivals from Sydney

Greater Sydney has been declared a COVID-19 hotspot by the Northern Territory, where authorities say they could crack down more on travelers from elsewhere in NSW and Victoria

Anyone arriving in the NT from Sydney after midnight Thursday will be subject to a mandatory fortnight quarantine

“In addition, we are monitoring NSW and in particular the city of Melbourne very closely and we will not hesitate to declare other areas of hot spots,” NT Minister of Health Natasha Fyles said on Thursday.

Coronavirus cases continue to grow in two clusters in Sydney, plus a growing number of community transmission diagnoses in Melbourne

“Now is the time to really consider any travel plans so you don’t end up in mandatory quarantine at a cost of $ 2,500,” she said

Three crew members of the Diamantina cattle export vessel continue to be treated for coronavirus at Royal Darwin Hospital, as the vessel’s immediate future remains a subject of discussion

“We are working with the shipowners and the unions around this vessel, and the processes to be undertaken before it can leave Darwin port,” said Ms Fyles

A skeleton crew remains on the ship, the rest at the Howard Springs quarantine facility, near Darwin

“A testing program has been put in place for the other crew members as well as any port and other workers who may have interacted with this vessel,” Ms Fyles said

“I can only confirm the positive tests I just mentioned – there are no other positive tests so far”

Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains

Ebene News – UA – NT introduces a MANDATORY quarantine for all arrivals from Sydney

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