Ebene News – AU – Outkast shares meme on Twitter referring to dark meaning behind Hey Ya

Hi Ya! is a song you would love to dance to, right? Well, Outkast tweeted a meme that made people understand the sad meaning of the hit song

When I first read the name of the song before writing this article, two things went through my mind: the hip-hop duo singing “hey ya”; and lyrics like “shake it like a polaroid image”

Listen to the words a little closer Read the lyrics Since 2003, most of us have been singing this song without understanding its true meaning – and it’s pretty heartbreaking

Outkast recently tweeted a meme regarding their Hey Ya! track, basically breaking it down into how we react to it The first fifth is just “a bop”, before the rest are dubbed “the saddest song ever written”

TikTok user Elizabeth (@elizadeva) explained this earlier this month, explaining in a video, “I know you all know the song Hey Ya! by Outkast But what you didn’t know is that the song actually has a darker meaning behind it “

She says, “Andre 3000 actually wrote this about modern relationships and how messy they are. At the start of the song he even makes reference to his own relationship; how her baby doesn’t want to leave him, how doesn’t really know what is the reason behind that “

Elizabeth continues, “What he’s talking about is in modern relationships, people stick with them because they just don’t want to be alone, not because of their love for the other person.”

The lyrics read: “We get together, oh we get together, but separation is always better when there are feelings involved … know what they are saying, nothing lasts forever! So what does it, then what does it, then what makes love the exception? So why, oh, why, oh… are we still in denial when we know we’re not happy here? “

Elizabeth says, “If you just read the lyrics it actually sounds like a really sad song. Even when the blackout ends it refers to how people are just going to see it as a happy song and don’t even think about the deeper meaning behind it, or even want to hear about it “

Later in the song, André 3000 sings: “You don’t want to hear me, you just want to dance”

Outkast’s tweet racked up over 140,000 likes, with hundreds of fans shocked at the song’s true meaning One user wrote: “Because we didn’t want to hear, we just wanted to dance”

Another user commented: ‘OMG, I sang these lyrics word for word happy af, I never really noticed until the age of today, that the reason why I love and resonate so much with this song is that the lyrics are literally life… my sad and sad life “

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Ebene News – UA – Outkast Share Meme on Twitter with reference to the dark meaning behind Hey Ya

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