Ebene News – AU – Powerball winning numbers of $ 50 million

The winning Powerball numbers of $ 50 million have been revealed, and one winner – who has yet to find out – has taken the prize

Many dream of winning the lottery, but there are many methods that people have used to win. Is this a coincidence or a method of madness?

Someone could take home a huge prize with a $ 50 million Division 1 prize in Powerball Image: SuppliedSource: Supplied

A lucky guy from Queensland is $ 50 million richer than yesterday after winning the entire Powerball jackpot

Thursday’s winning entry was not recorded on a player card, the identity of the ticket holder remains a mystery and he may not yet have realized he was very rich

So if you live in Queensland you might want to check out these winning Powerball numbers very carefully

Someone could win life-changing money as jackpot hits $ 50 million for Powerball draw on Thursday

In addition to the elusive Division One winner of $ 50 million, there were 1,770,963 Division Two through Nine winners in tonight’s Powerball draw who collectively took home over $ 32.19 million

Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said he was eagerly awaiting the new Australian multimillionaire to make contact and initiate the prize claim process

“Someone has become a multimillionaire overnight, but they might not know it yet. We can’t wait for them to find out about this amazing news! Imagine how much $ 50 million could change your life and your life! of your relatives “, he declared

“There are 50 million reasons why all Powerball players who bought entry to Queensland for tonight’s draw should check their ticket immediately

“If you find out that you have a winning entry in the Powerball division, hold onto this ticket and call 131,868 ASAP so we can begin the prize claim process!

“Tonight’s mystery winner is 2021 Powerball 1 division third and Queensland second Only time will tell if Queensland Powerball’s winning streak continues in the months to come”

The last time a $ 50 million Powerball jackpot was up for grabs was in July 2020 However, the jackpot was not won and climbed higher for the following week’s draw

A Canberra man in his 30s was the last lucky bettor to win a $ 50 million Powerball prize in June 2018, when he won the entire Division One prize

Powerball has only been won once this year In January, a player from Queensland and a punter from New South Wales shared the $ 20 million jackpot

Last year Powerball hosted 14 Powerball 1 Division winners across Australia who collectively took home over $ 470 million in cash prizes

An analysis of the 2020 Division 1 winning Powerball entries shows that only three entries were marked, where the player selected the numbers on their ticket, while the rest were QuickPick entries, so the lottery terminal chose the numbers at random

Two of last year’s 14 Powerball winners also had PowerHit entries, a type of entry unique to Powerball that guarantees the most important Powerball number

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Ebene News – AU – Powerball winning numbers of $ 50 million

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