Ebene News – AU – Ri Sol-ju, wife of Kim Jong-un, makes rare public appearance

The wife of the controversial North Korean leader made her first public appearance in a year at a national holiday commemorating Kim Jong-un’s father

Kim Jong Un’s wife made her first public appearance in over a year, joining the North Korean leader in a concert at one of the country’s biggest parties

Ri Sol-ju, wife of Kim Jong-un, made rare public appearance the first in over a year Image: STR / AFPSource: AFP

Kim Jong-un’s wife made rare appearance after a year-long absence in the public eye

The North Korean leader’s wife was pictured sitting next to her husband at a concert commemorating the birthday of her father and predecessor Kim Jong-il

North Korea’s National Shining Star Day celebration was held at the Mansudae Art Theater in Pyongyang

It was the first public appearance of the North Korean leader’s wife in a year Image: STR / AFPSource: AFP

North Korea’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun published the photos of the couple smiling, laughing and clapping as they watched a performance among other spectators

“As the Secretary General came to the auditorium of the theater with his wife Ri Sol-ju amid the welcome music, all the participants erupted to the thunderous cheers of” Hooray! “, reported the official KCNA news agency

In photos released by North Korean state media on Wednesday, none of the spectators or performers were wearing face masks

The North Korean leader has repeatedly insisted the country has not had a coronavirus case, with no official COVID-19 cases reported in North Korea having aroused skepticism from the part of external managers

No one wore a mask at the event that commemorated Kim Jong-un’s father and predecessor Image: STR / AFPSource: AFP

The hermit kingdom has been in self-imposed isolation since the closure of its borders in January 2020 in an attempt to protect itself from the pandemic

Ri Sol-ju’s absence from the public eye for so long has prompted questions about his health with speculation that it was due to COVID-19 or a potential pregnancy

Ri Sol-ju, believed to be around 30, is considered one of the most prominent women in the deeply patriarchal nation

The last time Ri was seen publicly was at a Lunar New Year holiday event in January 2020

Before this long absence, she had joined her husband for numerous “field visits” and meetings with foreign leaders

Shortly after the report and photos were released on Wednesday, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service said Ri was “playing well with his children” and avoiding public activities due to the coronavirus pandemic

The show celebrated Kim Jong-il’s birthday at the Mansudae Art Theater in Pyongyang Image: STR / AFPSource: AFP

“Due to COVID, no foreign leader made visits to the North last year, nor was Kim able to make such trips that would require his wife’s presence,” Yang Moo said. jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, told AFP

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Ebene News – UA – Kim Jong- unâ? Ri Sol-ju’s wife makes rare public appearance

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