Ebene News – AU – Rosamund Pike reclaims her ‘Gone Girl’ glory in ‘I Care a Lot’

It’s been almost seven years since Rosamund Pike – a former Bond girl, Sister Bennet and warrior queen Andromeda – showed us the boredom of her underhand talents in Gone Girl, David Fincher’s film version of the sensation. curvy from a Gillian Flynn novel Amazing Amy was easily Pike’s best role since she cleverly played a drug in An Education: She’s both your favorite slightly creepy friend and something far more sinister, but just It’s a hell of a performance, putting the Pike Star at the highest intensity

She did some interesting things after Gone Girl – including the terrible hostiles of the West and putting together another formidable and steely performance in the infamous A Private War – but Pike didn’t quite match the Amy’s cool blue fire until her latest film, I Care a Lot, a naughty little thriller on Netflix on February 18 Pike was nominated for a Golden Globe for performance, but don’t let that put you off She’s, Once Plus, a stealthy wonder in this film, cruel and clever The rest of the film may not reach its star’s heights, but he remains an elegant and compelling star in an erratic season, anchored by one of the greats performance of the year (so far, anyway)

Pike plays Marla Grayson, a con artist who plies her sad profession through the legal system.She inserts herself into the lives of the elderly and sick by becoming their court-appointed legal guardian, there officially to ensure that these poor souls receive proper care and are not exploited by family members or other opportunists The horrible joke, of course, is that corrupt caregivers like Marla – who exist in real life – are sucking the resources out of these crippled people trapped in a bureaucratic hell to which there is little recourse.

Perhaps I Care a Lot will gain additional attention in light of the recent debate over Framing Britney Spears, a New York Times special (available on Hulu) that outlines the restrictions on the pop star’s mandatory guardianship I Care a Lot is about similar issues, but it’s much more of a satire than a sober portrayal of the ills of society. Writer-director J Blakeson can sometimes beckon towards greater meaning – but these times are when the movie is the most bagg and cliché, seeking to get some nasty depth to get out of the genre mud Mud, really, is fine

The movie works best as an amoral caper, reveling in the fallout after Marla tackles the bad old lady Retired businesswoman Jennifer (Dianne Wiest) seems to be the perfect brand: she has a great and nice house, lots of money in the bank and apparently no family member Of course, there’s more to Jennifer than it looks, an embarrassing fact Marla finds out as I Care a Lot turns into chaos and in danger

Blakeson directs with panache, featuring a few nimble sets that I guess you might call action sequences The writing is crisp, although some things about Marla being a lioness among a flock of lambs are hissing, and part of the introduction to the world of Marla’s claw and accomplices is perhaps a bit too much on the nose

But Pike sells just about everything. She’s attached to Marla’s horror; she never tries to shade the character in a more sympathetic tone She leaves Marla’s defensive feminist posture – co-opting the language of social justice to get out of guilt, or worse – portray the manipulation that it is That does Not to say that we don’t perversely root Marla – who is, in almost every way, a terrible person Her baffling appeal is part of the point, and is keenly teased by both Pike and Blakeson There’s something satisfying about an infamous little machine that roars as it should; America somehow depends on this thrill

Sometimes I care a lot about overusing the camber Peter Dinklage plays Marla’s main antagonist, and while he brings the appropriate soft threat to the role, the pitfalls surrounding his character are wacky Marla’s details are at risk too. sometimes to be caricatured, with its tight bob, huge vape pen and crunchy power combinations so obviously signifying evil Sometimes the flash of I Care a Lot hampers her simpler pleasures yet, Pike charges through – vaping the house, disarmingly at the controls of her character bulldozer It’s a joy to watch her do her thing, even though this stuff is very bad Pike earns a lot more than just healing – she’s ready for hardcore fandom

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Rosamund Pike

Ebene News – UA – Rosamund Pike reclaims her “Gone Girl” glory in “I Care a Lot”

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