Ebene News – AU – SA Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier educates Chris Kenny on COVID-19

South Australia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Nicola Spurrier took to task Sky News reporter Chris Kenny on Wednesday, dismissing his claim that COVID-19 poses only a “very slight health threat” to the public

Asking questions at the COVID-19 press conference in South Australia, Kenny asked Spurrier if she thought hitting an 80% vaccination threshold in adults was too high, before we started to see life return to what it was before the pandemic

“You seem to approve of the 80% threshold of the adult population to reduce the Covid alarm that Gladys Berejiklian sounded yesterday,” Kenny said

“Doesn’t this seem unreasonably high considering that no country has reached this level, we may never reach this level and also due to the very slight health threat that the disease places a burden on everyone outside of these vulnerable groups ”

Speaking clearly, Spurrier did not hesitate to speak out against Kenny’s rhetoric about the threat COVID-19 poses to the community

“Look, I find it really surprising to be at a press conference and someone suggesting that there are very minor consequences to COVID-19,” she said

Kenny then tried to talk about Spurrier, while continuing professionally, “We still have lots and lots of people dying around the world.”

Spurrier also claimed that it is essential to vaccinate at least 80% of adults

“Looking at other countries, we know that if you don’t have a well vaccinated community, and if you are well vaccinated, it must be at least 80% if not more, especially for these newer variants. “she said

When Kenny tried to talk to him again, Spurrier said, “Sorry, I’m here to provide information to the South Australian public, not to argue with you over a minor point.”

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Nicola Spurrier

Ebene News – AU – SA Chief health worker Nicola Spurrier educates Chris Kenny on COVID-19

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