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Wynnum Manly was instrumental in the success of the Brisbane Broncos, with the Seagulls forming the foundation of the club’s inaugural squad in 1988

Wally Lewis, Greg Dowling, Colin Scott and Gene Miles – playing second overall – ensured the Broncos were instantly competitive against the Sydney teams

There was also a fifth player from Wynnum Manly, who crashed into second rower Mal Green, whom the Broncos wanted

Green, a winner of the post of Prime Minister who knew no fears, was one of the first players approached from the BRL to join the Broncos but he refused, preferring to return to his home region of the Darling Downs

More recently, there have been stars who have made the leap to represent the wealthiest clubs in the NRL after leading the Seagulls to their first-ever Premier in 2011 and 2012.

Players such as fearless striker Mitchell Dodds and cult figure Jake Granville while others, including Broncos legend Dane Carlaw, have spent the last years of his career winning more prime minister positions at the lower level

The Broncos simply couldn’t have done without the King, the Queensland and Australia captain, during the club’s foray into the NRL The first Queenslander to be immortalized, Lewis had an instant impact when he scored two tries in Brisbane’s first-round victory over Premiers Manly – one of which was a burst of steam that beat seven defenders to 18m

The most underrated big in the rugby league with NSW legends like Steve Roach and Geoff Toovey among their favorite footballers to play with Miles was so good he was at one point the best center in the world, and when he switched to second rower for the Broncos’ first season, he became an automatic selection at that position for Queensland and Australia

The easy-to-move Scott was a fabulous fullback for the Seagulls and Queensland throughout the 1980s A capable winger and center, he was deceptively speedy in his prime and gave Brisbane invaluable experience during the training seasons of the club

Dowling started in the BRL with Easts and ended it with Norths, but in between he was a Wynnum hardman, the test prop that performed well above his weight. Dowling got down and dirty and allegedly lifted the young Broncos up by his mere presence

A big Wynnum Manly player, Tessman was a tough prop who gained a reputation for hurting opponents with scathing tackles A very good player

McKenna was a fantastic local junior who started with the Broncos, then played briefly with the now-defunct Crushers But his best football came in 118 games for Cronulla where he played center as well as second. A veteran of seven Origin games, he was always up to the task at State of Origin party

Green is best known for being John Lang’s half-back at Easts and Cronulla, but of course he was a Wynnum Manly junior who played briefly with the Broncos towards the end of his career. He has the distinction of winning the Rothman Medal in both BRL and NRL – an award that was indeed the Dally M of his time. He then made his mark in the history books of the Seagulls after leading the Bay Club to his very first consecutive Premier positions in 2011 and 2012

One of the biggest fan favorites in Wynnum Manly seagull history Jake Granville burst onto the scene after helping Wynnum Manly’s fairy tale win the 2011 Intrust Super Cup title while playing half dummy in attack and fullback in defense under Paul Green Earned a place with the Broncos after playing in the Seagulls’ first Premier in 2012 and playing 10 games for the club before moving to the North Queensland Cowboys, where he won another prime ministerial post with Paul Green Continued to play 138 NRL games

Carlaw was one of the best to do it for both teams A dynamic second rower for the Broncos, who had incredible speed for a big man and could open a game with his damaging runs Played in both NRL Championships 2000 and 2006 for the Broncos, where he amassed 188 games for the club, and also played six games for Queensland and six for Australia He then spent the last leg of his career at the Seagulls, where he entered the ranked first and won back-to-back premieres in 2011 and 2012 before retiring from football

Another player who played a major role in the Seagulls Dodds’ very first consecutive premier positions was a Bay Junior, known for his crushing tackles and old school technique, which saw him play 76 NRL games for the Broncos before injuries forced him out of the game in early retirement

Perhaps one of the greatest luck stories in sports, Luke Dalziel-Don’s career at Brisbane Broncos was over before it began One of the Wynnum’s greatest all-time favorites Manly Seagulls, the man who led the club to back-to-back premier in 2011 and 2012, was signed by the Broncos for the 2013 season during his big break in the NRL However, Dalziel-Don tore his ACL in the 2012 Intrust Super Cup Grand Final and never ended up missing for the biggest club in the NRL.

Te Reo was another cult figure of the Wynnum Manly Seagulls The Wellington-born utility, who started out as a half-model, played seven games for the Brisbane Broncos before arriving at the Seagulls It was there that he helped Paul Green’s teams win back-to-back Premier’s titles, then helped the club’s reserve team win back-to-back titles before retiring.

The first member of the Wynnum Manly Seagulls development academy to continue playing in the NRL, Keenan Palasia is a star to watch in the future A constant figure for the Seagulls in the Intrust Super Cup, Palasia has already represented the residents from Queensland and has played two games so far with the Broncos but has a bright future with the club


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