Ebene News – AU – South Australia Releases Exciting Tourism Slogan ‘Go South With Your Mouth’

You’ve heard of Northern Territory CU in the NT slogan and Western Australia’s WAP campaign, but it pales in comparison to South Australia

A new slogan has been unveiled to attract tourists to the area and it’s one hell of a sexual innuendo

Tourists urged to ‘descend south with their mouths’ in tourist campaign concocted around the state’s ‘underappreciated food scene’

A press release states: “In response to a year of adversity and trade difficulties, the Taste Down South campaign positions South Australia as a destination for fellow Australians with untapped potential

“It aims to change the perception of those who have not yet experienced the Down South by promoting the unique strengths of South Australia’s food and hospitality industry

“Although we cannot travel overseas, South Australia is an exciting multicultural kitchen mesh with industry employees from all over the world calling it home.

“Our diverse pocket of Australia is home to world-class chefs, top winemakers and producers of the most sought-after organic delicacies Its comfortable climate allows visitors to enjoy the most beautiful flavors against the backdrop of spectacular natural landscapes and breathtaking cities “

It’s certainly a catchy slogan that caught the attention of people on social media who never expected to see such filth on their timeline

Many have wondered if this was an April Fool’s Day joke that had been started a few hours earlier But no, it’s real

According to the ABC, the slogan has its roots in the same people who coined the legendary Northern Territory CU in the NT slogan a few years ago

However, it is also reported that the campaign is ‘unofficial’ meaning the South Australian government has not officially endorsed it as part of its branding strategy

Taste Down South rep Clarke Reid said in a statement: “The south of the country is an unexplored gold mine of tastes and delicacies It might not have the glitz and glamor of some east coast states, but there’s a lot of buzz under the hood here Australia ranked second in the world for its food and wine experiences.

“It is after the French cultural giant and even a step ahead of Italy SA is home to the best restaurants in the country and we are one of the great wine capitals of the world If Australia is second in the world for food and wine, and that South Aus has the best restaurants in Australia, we think it is high time you taste the South “

Go south with your mouth

Ebene News – UA – South Australia releases exciting tourism slogan ‘Go south with your mouth’

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