Ebene News – AU – Stream or Avoid: ‘Equinox’ on Netflix, where Danish woman tries to find out how her sister disappeared 20 years ago

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You may have heard of the term ‘Scandi-noir’ in reviews of Scandinavian series This means that series from countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden that debuted on streaming services like Netflix and Acorn are dark and cranky, usually containing psychological elements that can be a bit creepyEquinox, based on a popular Danish podcast, definitely fits into this category. Read on for more

Opening shot: we go up the toy-filled stairs of a house to the bedroom of a 9-year-old girl playing with her dolls. She hears a truck coming and rushes downstairs

The Gist: It’s high school graduation day for Ida (Karoline Hamm), the older sister of Astrid (Viola Martinsen), 9 She’s in the back of a truck with friends, on her way to a party, but stopped by Ida’s parents’ house Ida is a bit distraught, upset by something during what is supposed to be the best day of her young life Her mother, Lene (Hanne Hedelund ), tries to stop her from going to the party, but her dad Dennis (Hanne Hedelund) says Lene is stuck

That night, Astrid sees a vision of the Ida truck and her friends are braking hard, sending all the teenagers flying. Indeed, that night, the authorities come to say that all the promotion, to the except 3 people, disappeared without a trace

Astrid, now 30 years old (Danica Curcic), wakes up from this recurring dream, haunted by the disappearance of her sister She is a radio host in her small town and does a nighttime show where she takes calls bizarre on bizarre topics, like superstition.She shares custody of her daughter Vera (Andrea Engelsmann Persson) with her ex-husband David (Zaki Nobel), who still doesn’t quite understand why she moved

One evening at work, she receives a live call from Jakob Skipper, Ida’s boyfriend at the time of the disappearance. He claims to know what happened on the night of the disappearance; he is one of three graduates who did not disappear that night

After this call, she decides to travel to Copenhagen to investigate and do a show about Ida’s disappearance.She is staying with her father and his new wife, and he’s upset that she is shaking things up in her disappearance. ‘Ida She looks for Jakob, but her older brother Mathias (Rasmus Hammerich) says he’s not there for long

Going back to 1999, young Astrid continues to have visions, usually scary male characters walking around; she gets to the point where she sleepwalks down the street These visions continue in Copenhagen, especially after she hears the video interrogation of the three survivors, Jakob (August Carter), Amelia (Fanny Bornedal) and Falke (Ask Truelsen) She even imagines someone jumping off the roof of the building across the street from where she resides

What shows will this remind you of? Equinox is a cross between Lost and a number of shows where someone tries to find out what happened to a loved one decades after their disappearance or murder. It definitely fits into the “Scandi-noir” genre to which most of the original Netflix programs from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries belong

Our opinion: Equinox is based on Tia Lindeburg’s 1985 Equinox podcast; Lindeburg created the series, with Piv Bernth as the showrunner.The first episode is a surprisingly effective setup of Astrid’s story, which moves back and forth between 1999 and 2020 to contextualize the pain Astrid felt for 21 years on what is obviously a situation that gave him no closure

We don’t have much context yet on why Astrid waited over two decades to try to address Ida’s disappearance; we know this and the visions she has of it troubled her enough that she broke her marriage, and Jakob’s call spurred her on to action.But those missing pieces didn’t matter much in the first episode; there was more than enough tension and character development to let us know what effect Ida’s disappearance had on Astrid’s life

It’s small details that stand out in Curcic’s performance that are telling in this regard. She rubs her jaw over and over again because she squeezes it so hard; even a mouthguard can’t stop her from feeling the pain of her ATM issues The change in her expression as she turns a light conversation with David about going out for a serious talk about the city seeing him with another woman is scary We just know how intense and serious Astrid is, without having to explain everything to us

But what the first episode does is that it shows us more than enough information to make us curious.For example, we hear about an island during Falke’s interrogation, where the three survivors and Ida all surrendered So this tells us that something is happening that goes beyond a simple disappearance. Astrid’s visions go beyond dreams about Ida; she sees things and beings that she cannot explain, and these visions have lasted for decades Ida’s disappearance led Astrid to a career talking about superstitions and the supernatural, so it fuels these visions and vice versa We also know that her father doesn’t want anything to do with Astrid’s investigation and that her mother is either dead or in a psychiatric ward somewhere, unable to forgive herself for not having been able to prevent Ida from getting into this. truck

In other words, the first episode of Equinox gives the viewer a chance to follow the story without having to make assumptions and connections in their own head while watching And in a psychological thriller like this- this is a good start

Starting Shot: Astrid wakes up to a call from Mathias saying Jakob threw himself from a building earlier today, just like her vision.She then walks to the bathroom and sees a man crouching in the miror; it disappears when she turns on the light

Sleeper Star: Lars Brygmann plays Astrid’s father, Dennis, who is so adamant that his daughter is no longer opening that box of worms, you must be wondering if he has anything to do with the disappearance of Ida

The most pilot line: Astrid tries to throw herself on David when she realizes that he is starting to move on “It was you who wanted that”, he said to her “I don’t know what that I want, ”she replies. It’s not a horrible line, but it’s also an easy way to tell how lost Astrid is

Our Call: STREAM IT Equinox has the potential to be a taught psychological thriller with supernatural overtones Of the shows we’ve seen in the Scandi-noir genre, this is one of the best

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting, and tech, but he’s not mistaken: he’s addicted to television His writings have appeared in The New York Times, Slate, Salon, RollingStonecom, VanityFaircom, Fast Company and elsewhere

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Ebene News – AU – Stream it or skip it: “Equinox” on Netflix, where a Danish woman tries to find out how her Sister Disappeared 20 years ago

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