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He may be an international artist with some of the biggest hits of the 2000s, but T-Pain had a hilarious rant about the struggles of being a little Twitch streamer, calling it so playfully a viewer who said he was not actually a little streamer

T-Pain may be best known for hit singles such as ‘Buy U a Drank’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’, but in recent years he’s been pushing his efforts on Twitch, streaming his music and performing occasionally to a variety of games entertain the fans

By the end of 2020, the artist was averaging around 1,000 to 2,000 viewers per stream, which, while a respectable number, barely touches the numbers that some of the biggest names in streaming are hitting.

This is exactly what T-Pain argued when someone tried to suggest he was not a small streamer and, while hilarious, he made a valid point

In this funny rant, T-Pain mentioned xQc, Mizkif and TimTheTatman as “big streamers”, saying he “tries to help us all”

“xQc just did 90k on a Just Chatting and I’m not a little streamer?” He asked “I’m with you mom ** ker!” I’m trying to help us all! We are not in this range! “

That wasn’t all, as T-Pain used other streamers to illustrate his status “Mizkif hasn’t been on his stream for 10 days, and you’re going to go with 8,000 constant views, sitting there to play Pokémon without even being there! And you’re telling me I’m not a little streamer ?! “

He ended by mentioning that TimTheTatman “airs at 7 a.m. and still gets 38,000 viewers in the first 30 minutes,” and at this point in the rant was completely exasperated that he wasn’t a “little streamer”

It’s possible to see both sides of this debate: on the one hand, T-Pain is very famous in its own right outside of the streaming world, and gets a decent number of viewers, but when you compare its channel at the names he mentioned, and several others, it barely scratches the surface of what it’s like to be a “fat streamer” on Twitch

Whether or not T-Pain qualifies for ‘little streamer’ status isn’t entirely clear, but one thing is clear is that he sees a much higher cap for his streams, which can only be a good thing for the fans

Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel spoke about his “competitive” behavior during recent broadcasts on the OfflineTV server Rust, where he was accused of being rude to other streamers and his fans followed up with a few heavy posts

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The Canadian has been embroiled in several controversies in the recent past, including his Twitch ban for sniping on Fall Guys during the GlitchCon 2020 Twitch Rivals event in November 2020

After returning to the streaming website, his channel is back up and running and his audience is enjoying the time he spent on Rust Rust, for those who haven’t seen it yet, is a game survival game which is actually quite popular in the streaming community Thousands of viewers, for example, have logged in to see the action daily on the OfflineTV server

With xQc getting his hands dirty on December 30, some believe he overstepped the mark with comments – and he has since apologized for the way he played

In a tweet he said: “OTV Rust server is too much fun that’s all I can think of My competitiveness has passed me and I’ve been rude to non-PVPs Tomorrow we’ll do better and Team Rocket will take over “


In one clip he was seen demanding that a smaller streamer – Ash_on_lol – “come in handy for once and put some f ** king wood in the fireplace.” She has over 268,000 subscribers on her channel and collaborates regularly with other players of OfflineTV

That comment from xQc didn’t go very well, as she replied, “Excuse me damn shit I’m trying to get your fucking gun back so don’t make it a piece of shit Be nice for once, yeah “

One of them told her to go kill herself because of what happened in the game, and in response to the whole situation, several people in the chat asked for a petition. so that xQc is completely kicked from the OTV server

Whether or not action will be taken on this front remains to be seen No comments have been posted on this, although Shoud called for its removal on a broadcast, increasing pressure on a decision to be made.

The former Overwatch pro player is one of the biggest streamers around and will undoubtedly contribute to Server Rust’s audience success, but is he going too far lately? We will have to wait and see

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Ebene News – AU – T Pain makes a hilarious rant about struggling to be a little Twitch streamer – Dexerto

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