Ebene News – AU – Tasmanian opposition leader stays away from reports of allegations of sexual harassment

David O’Byrne apologizes to his family, saying that he “sincerely believed that the kiss and the texting were consensual “

Tasmania’s new Labor opposition leader has resigned pending the party’s investigation into allegations he sexually harassed a woman over a decade ago

The CBA reports that David O’Byrne is accused of kissing and sending unwanted text messages to a junior employee while he was the head of the liquor, hospitality and miscellaneous union in 2007 and 2008

“I read media reports regarding a complaint which has been filed with the Tasmanian Labor Party secretary and which will be investigated, “he said on Wednesday

O’Byrne said he had not yet received a copy of the complaint, but admitted his behavior “did not meet the standards I would expect of myself”

Woman claims O’Byrne texted her sexually suggestive and unwanted texts and kissed her twice outside of work without her consent

“At the time of the reported events, I sincerely believed that the exchange of kisses and texts was consensual,” said O’Byrne

“The case made me think deeply about the nature of consent and I came to understand why the person concerned is saying our interaction was not consensual

“I wrote to him to apologize wholeheartedly for the contact and unwanted texts”

“I will remain on the sidelines as Leader of the Opposition for the duration of the investigation into this matter,” he said

O’Byrne, who was elected Labor leader earlier this month after Labor was defeated in the May 1 state election, did not respond to questions from the media

David O’Byrne, Australian Labor Party (Tasmanian branch), Tasmania

Ebene News – AU – Tasmanian opposition leader kicks off media reports state of sexual harassment allegations

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jun/30/tasmanian-opposition-leader-stands-aside-over-reports-of-sexual-harassment-allegations