Ebene News – AU – The appointment of NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to ARLC has been hailed by some, but also raises eyebrows

The alleged appointment of NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) has been touted as “a coup” in some neighborhoods but described as a conflict of ‘interests in others

The commissioner himself says any conflict is “someone else’s to judge” and “it’s a bit of a storm in a cup of tea”, but says he’s well qualified for the post

He told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I’m an expert on jobs, people management, brand management and setting behavioral expectations”

ARLC President Peter V’Landys took the initial approach while NRL commentator and game influencer Phil Gould credited the commissioner with “virtually saving the NRL from disaster financial “during the COVID-19 pandemic

One of those who say it is problematic to remain chief of police and become a commissioner of the ARLC is the criminal lawyer who represented NRL player Curtis Scott last year after he been found by police drunk and asleep under a tree

Police sprayed Scott with cayenne pepper and taser before charging him with resisting arrest, along with a number of other charges which were all withdrawn or dismissed

A Sydney magistrate ordered NSW police to pay the player’s legal bill for $ 100,000, saying police allegations that Scott was “beating” and “throwing himself” were inconsistent with the player’s own police body camera video footage

The player’s lawyer, Sam Macedone, told The Ticket that if such a situation arose, even if the commissioner was not in a conflict, others might perceive him to be

“I don’t think it’s a very enviable position at all that he’s on both this council (the ARLC) and the police commissioner,” Macedone said

“He should wear two hats, really … even if a confrontational position doesn’t arise, perception is everything”

When Scott was first charged, he was dismissed from his post by the NRL Integrity Commission until Macedone overturned the decision

“I had to fight tooth and nail to get the police to let me show the rugby league video of the incident so that I could establish with them, hopefully, that it was a police charge that was never going to succeed, it was just a series of allegations that I didn’t think would ever go over the mark, “he said

“But first I had to pass the police to allow me to show this video to the NRL

“He has to decide if I can go over there and complain about his police actions

“If he agrees and says ‘the suspension must stay’, he supports the police if he says “no he can play” then he is going against his own police force

Current members of the ARLC may decide before next Friday’s AGM to appoint Fuller to the position for an initial term of three years with compensation of $ 75,000 per year

The commissioner has less than a year to be among the highest paid public servants in the state, with an annual salary of $ 649,500

He says he will donate his ARLC payment to Police Legacy, a charity that supports families of police officers who may need humanitarian or financial assistance

The Commissioner would not be available to consider other requests when The Ticket asked him a series of questions, including:

Given the status of elite athletes as role models, they are held to a higher standard and in situations where they cannot be charged or are found not guilty, they can still be heavily penalized for having discredited the game

In two recent cases, Payne Haas was fined $ 50,000 for his involvement in a drunken brawl and Kotoni Staggs fined $ 10,000 for homophobic insult

If the Police Commissioner accepts a seat on the ARLC, he will be asked to separate his duty to the law and his responsibilities to gambling

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Ebene News – UA – Appointment of Police Commissioner of NSW Mick Fuller at ARLC has been praised by some, but raises eyebrows too

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