Ebene News – AU – Tones and I went back to her roots and busy on Bourke St in Melbourne

Tones and I had an amazing 2020 While she would have loved to tour around the world at different festivals and music events, her song “ Dance Monkey’ ‘was the second most broadcast all over the planet

She followed up with an EP that received a lot of attention and was invited to perform on major American talk shows

This is why some people were shocked to see the Aussie star on the streets of Melbourne

Tones and I started playing on Bourke Street in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay and it looks like she’s gone back to where it all started

Hundreds of people have stopped by to see the singing sensation resonate with his famous epic ‘Dance Monkey’ as well as some of his other hits

She said of the little set: “It was so good to go back to my roots and fight where it all started for me I’m in music because I love writing & live Busking is as real as it gets and I’m so happy to have to do it again for everyone who has supported me ”

The performance was hosted by the City of Melbourne with the aim of drawing people to the streets now that the coronavirus threat has waned in Victoria

Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said in a statement: “After one of the longest lockdowns in the world, it is such a pleasure to see a world star perform at the Bourke Street Mall

“As a former busker turned international star, Tones And I understands the joy of live music and how it brings people together

“We want this performance to inspire buskers to come back to our city We waived the bus fees until June 2021, because we want hundreds of other street performers to help activate our streets”

Tones and I aren’t the only artist spotted releasing a few notes as part of the campaign.They also managed to recruit Daryl Braithwaite, Missy Higgins, Gordi, Mark Seymour, Vika and Linda, the Pierce Brothers and Hayley Mary

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Tones And I

Ebene News – AU – Tones And I Going back to its roots and busy on Bourke St in Melbourne

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