Ebene News – AU – Victorian Grade 12 students get their results after one year of learning locked out

Thousands of 12th grade students across Victoria received their VCE and VCAL results after a year of study interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic

Victoria’s Department of Education says 50,284 students will graduate with their VCE, and a record 14,529 students will receive their VCAL

VCE reviews ended in early December, two weeks later than expected before the pandemic

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority said 38 students achieved the highest score of 9,995, and the overall average score of around 68 was a slight increase from the previous year

Lucy Skelton of Melbourne Girls’ College said she logged in at 7am to find out about her result and was delighted with what she accomplished

“I was really nervous, I think even when you work hard and put it all in there you just can’t know how you’re going to do it,” she says

“So I opened it up and I was like oh my god, yay, and my mom is like screaming her eyes out, so a great start to the morning”

Lucy said receiving her VCE result will end what has been a difficult year learning lockdown

“It was just tough, and I think at least the way I thought about it was if it was a score that I was happy with I’d be like, a good start to 2021, and if it was something I was not I’m not happy I could say to leave it in 2020 “

After losing both parents in recent years, Balwyn High School student Liam Cruise juggles his studies and helps raise his little sister

He said he was “over the moon” with his results, which guaranteed him a place in a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne and a one-year scholarship to stay in college

He said that in some ways learning at home was more convenient – “you can just get out of bed and go to class” – but said overall 2020 has been a tough year

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“It was quite difficult but satisfying in a way knowing that everyone [in our cohort] could do it… I think congratulations are in order for everyone to be able to complete the VCE no matter what. the most difficult circumstances in which we had to experience “he says

A student of Girton Grammar, Eliza Griffiths lives in the tiny hamlet of Fryerstown near Castlemaine in central Victoria and has a score of 9925 despite not having fast internet at home

“I went to Castlemaine to a friend’s house several days a week, so it was really difficult,” she said

“I missed a lot of Zoom lessons and couldn’t access files and stuff like that because the internet was shocking But I had great teachers

“I just tried to stay with what I could control and focus on what was in front of me”

Eliza plans to postpone college and take a year off before continuing her studies

“I would really like to be part of the world and be a citizen of society before going straight back to an educational institution where you are a bit sheltered,” she said

In the northeastern state, dux Sara Williams of Catholic College Wodonga, who achieved an ATAR score of 9885, said she “didn’t expect” such a high result. p>

“Being away from school, being away from friends and being stuck at home was tough,” the 18-year-old said

“I’m pretty motivated, so I focused on the fact that this was my last year, so I just held on until the end of the year”

She plans to study law and business at Monash University in 2022, after taking a gap year

For Wodonga Senior Secondary College dux, Liam McMullen, there was a moment of disappointment when he received his results, before realizing he would be able to pursue his dream of studying the sciences at the University of Melbourne

“I woke up around 6:30 am and was waiting for him lying in my bed, but saw my study results first and was not very happy with them,” he said. -he declares

“But I picked some good topics and they helped me get the right ATAR I got”

While some students struggled to adjust to distance learning, the 18-year-old Beechworth resident said it worked in his favor

“I’m a fairly independent learner, so I was pretty happy to learn on my own at my own pace,” he said

Principal Vern Hilditch said that while it was a tough year for all students, the Class of 2020 produced impressive results

“The results for this year have been very interesting for us to look at, they actually overall, making a year-by-year comparison, an improvement over 2019,” he said.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority chief executive Steve Gniel said it was important for students to keep their results in perspective and that there were other ways to reach their career goals. they weren’t getting the score they hoped for

“You only need to talk to adults who have been through many different journeys to know that an ATAR is a moment in time, it is an important moment, it is a stop on your journey, but it is not. ‘is certainly not a final destination “, he says

M Gniel said it was a tribute to the Victorians that finishing the school year was even possible, given the disruption caused by the pandemic

“Unlike some of our neighbors abroad, we were able to organize our exams, it is thanks to the community, the wearing of masks, the reduction in the number allowed us to organize our exams”, he declared

Students from Bentleigh Secondary College gathered on campus this morning for breakfast at the school, while students waited for their results to be posted

A student, Dylan, said he was happy with his score after a difficult school year

“Since it was online it was more difficult because you couldn’t interact with the teachers either, but we were successful,” he said.

Principal Helen Hiotis says students deserve to be able to celebrate after an unprecedented year

“These are what I call the students who survived COVID and I am incredibly proud of them this morning,” she said

Ms Hiotis said teachers have struggled to assess student progress, due to the limited amount of face-to-face learning

“It is sometimes very difficult to get a sense of how they are doing and many teachers have struggled with this lack of opportunities to carefully read students”

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Ebene News – AU – Victorian 12th graders get their results after one year of apprenticeship locked out

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