Ebene News – AU – ‘You just have to take it on the chin’: Steve will have to stay away from his kids this Christmas

Thousands of people in New South Wales will be forced to spend their Christmases in isolation, having come in close contact with a known case of COVID -19 in Sydney’s latest outbreak

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday called on the state to “turn our minds and attention” to those who carried the “greatest burden” of isolation over Christmas

“We think of you and thank you because your safety is protecting you and your loved ones [and that] also helps us all in the state,” she said.

Steve Cole, who attends a gym in Avalon that has been declared a hotspot, will have to stay away from his children as they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning

“One of the hardest things is knowing that I can’t be around the kids,” said M Cole

M Cole has lived in a separate bedroom and bathroom away from his wife and their two children since Anytime Fitness in Avalon was declared a hotspot

They had planned to spend Christmas in Bowral with their extended family, but were forced to cancel their plans

“The situation could be a lot worse, so you just need to hit the chin up and really do your best,” M said. Cole

“Yes, it’s frustrating, but it’s not about you as an individual, but the community at large, everyone”

Another gym user, Gemma Eastwood, was devastated when she realized she should self-isolate after coming into contact with a case at Fitness First in Mona Vale

Her two children are spending Christmas with their father, so Ms. Eastwood had planned to help patrol Newport Beach and celebrate the end of the year with her friends

“It’s hard not being able to have them… I originally planned to meet up with friends and do a lot of life-saving patrols,” she said

In a statement, NSW Health confirmed that “several thousand people [are] in isolation” in New South Wales

“We appreciate that it is difficult for people, especially at this time of year,” the spokesperson said

Yesterday, NSW health official Kerry Chant urged people to obey the 14-day isolation period rules, which prohibit people from leaving the house (except in emergency) and be close to others

“Even if you tested negative today, you can be positive tomorrow, you can develop symptoms tomorrow, so it is extremely important that you stay in this isolation,” she said.

“They don’t want to be the reason transmission spreads in the community, they want to protect their loved ones”

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Ebene News – AU – “You just have to take it on the chin”: Steve will have to stay away from his children this Christmas

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