Ebene News – CA – 5 EVs Actions You May Have Missed & These Are Penny Actions

Do you feel like you’ve “missed out” on EVs? You’re probably not alone The past few months have been amazing for many names in this emerging niche It’s not just Tesla (TSLA Stock Report), now some people are saying they are choosing Nio Inc (NIO Stock Report). ) as the “best bet” on EV You also have Apple (AAPL Stock Report) arriving this week

While this is probably something fueled by the level of momentum fueling the industry, it does raise some interesting points First, NIO, for example, was once a dime In fact, we’ve given frequent and detailed coverage of the company from the time it became one of the less than $ 5 stocks until the time it left the penny range for good (or for the time being)

With new interest starting to mount after the Tesla Battery Day event, we started following other electric vehicle stocks under $ 5 Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp (SOLO Stock Report), AYRO Inc (AYRO Stock Report), Kandi Technologies Group Inc (KNDI Stock Report) and many other EV penny stocks Then the momentum came back again and pulled them out of levels below $ 5 Now there could be have a new emerging trend

In my opinion, the whole EV ecosystem should be something to watch out for It’s not just about automakers Think about the amount of raw materials and ancillary products – sensors, displays, technology – that will be needed with the emergence of many EV manufacturing companies

A good example of this is with Platinum Group Metals (PLG Stock Report) and CBAK Energy (CBAT Stock Report) Both were penny stocks, both were discussed here, and both have since seen explosive momentum In their case, however, was based on the raw materials and components of the EV as a whole that attracted them With that in mind, here are some EV stocks you might have missed, still trading for pennies

Westwater Resources Inc is one of the cogs of the EV wheel if you will The company does not manufacture the vehicles itself However, Westwater develops energetic materials What does that include? Specifically, this includes natural flake graphite

In fact, earlier this year, Westwater made a point of selling its other operational arm to focus solely on its Coosa Graphite Le project. Refers to the company’s uranium activities While uranium is definitely holding back its fair share of attention in the ‘alternative energy’ conversation, Westwater’s goal is to expand the graphite projects it currently owns

At present, Westwater pilot plant operations are conducted to inform and improve the design work of the large-scale production facility According to the company, the combined effort of its pilot plant operations is expected to produce a total of more than 10 metric tons of three battery-grade Westwater brand graphite products. In addition, construction of its facility is scheduled for mid-2021 to 2022 Westwater plans to commission the commercial plant in the fourth quarter of 2022

Metaux Aqua Inc is another of the wheel spokes of electric vehicles Not only that, but if you remember, ESG stocks have also become synonymous with EV and alternative energy “ESG” stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance”, which focuses on companies that focus on reducing the carbon footprint, creating a welcoming business environment and managing operations ethically and efficiently, keeping in mind the surrounding communities

Through the company’s AquaRefining methods, Aqua Metals essentially recycles batteries, extracting elements such as plastics, metals and lead Specifically, this is the leader that the company is focusing on more about extraction through its refining processes Not only does it reduce the negative environmental impact of landfilled lead batteries, it also puts raw materials back into the industrial life cycle without extracting new natural resources

According to Aqua, this could help meet the growing demand for lead to power new applications, including stop / start automotive batteries that supplement the vehicle’s main battery, lead acid batteries that are found in EVs While AQMS isn’t the purest game in EV, it could be a game to watch as the ESG and “clean energy” talks continue

Similar to Aqua Metals, Polar Power Inc is another helper in this EV ecosystem On the surface, you will find that Polar provides back-up power generation systems, off-grid applications, etc. However, if you take a closer look at the company you will see something a little more interesting Of course this is one of the alternative energy / ESG penny stocks to watch This is also a question to consider if you are looking for electric vehicle recharging stocks

If you remember correctly, Blink Charging (BLNK Stock Report) was one of the most popular EV charging titles to watch out for when trading below $ 5. Another company we talked about previously, BLNK stock has since risen to $ 39.71 How does that imply Polar Power? In short, that’s not the case and there’s no connection between the two from a business perspective.However, Polar Power could be another of the EV charging stocks to watch out for that’s always a dime. / p>

Company Offers Fast Charging System “Fast chargers are useful on test tracks for EV developers, intermodal freight yards, dealership car lots and tow trucks All of these applications involve fast charging of cars away from the utility grid Using Polar’s DC generator as a fast charger is the best product to accomplish this task, ”the company explained With the search for EV charging stocks, for example, POLA could be a topic to watch given that it has direct exposure to this niche.

Aurora Mobile Limited is one of the more volatile EV subtitles to watch out for right now.I say this because it is only just starting to see higher trading volume, but the price has skyrocketed Since then At the start of the fourth quarter, JG stock rose from around $ 1.50 to highs of $ 5.43 This week, the same momentum returned to the market after Aurora’s last title

The company has entered into a partnership agreement with a leading global manufacturer of new energy vehicles The plan is to “help the branded automaker improve its operational efficiency and services and deliver a smart driving experience Improved to Customers ”The deal sees Aurora use its AI-based notification and analytics services to help its partner better understand customer habits Smart driving functionality is obviously something many EV manufacturers are looking for

Although the name of this ‘leading new energy’ vehicle maker has not been revealed, Aurora has highlighted some of the products it makes. The automaker makes green energy vehicles, including tall sedans performance, SUVs and semi-trucks

Aemetis Inc just became one of the new entrants in the EV arena this week On Tuesday, the company announced that its subsidiary Aemetis Properties Riverbank, Inc has acquired approximately 20% ownership of Nevo Motors, Inc under ” an agreement on production facilities for strategic electric vehicles It will use the current and future manufacturing facilities and refueling stations of Aemetis, as well as the renewable natural gas and renewable electricity produced by AemetisNevo Motors large capacity electric vehicles are designed for heavy loads and long distances

“Aemetis is delighted to become a significant shareholder of Nevo Motors just ahead of the launch of the Nevo truck product lines scheduled for 2021 This strategic agreement uses the production buildings, on-site railroad, the on-site railway substation. renewable electricity and other facilities at the 140-acre, 710,000-square-foot manufacturing facility of Aemetis Riverbank, California, as well as other Aemetis infrastructure, renewable energy products and expertise in renewable fuel credits and markets “

While this deal puts Aemetis’ foot in the door of electric vehicles, it does not completely change the company’s operations at the moment Aemetis still focuses on renewable natural gas applications The company is also focusing on other renewable and biochemical fuels However, following this latest update, will AMTX become more of an EV stock to watch as the end of the year approaches?

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Ebene News – CA – 5 stocks of electric vehicles you might have missed & They ‘ regarding Penny Stocks

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