Ebene News – CA – Actress Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau died while awaiting surgery

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Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau, daughter of comedians Violette Chauveau and Normand Chouinard, passed away on Thursday at the age of 28 The family specified that she died while expecting a surgery that don’t was able to take place on time due to the load-shedding carried out in the health system to deal with the pandemic “

Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau is survived by her parents, but also her young boy, Maà «l She was [a] worthy and courageous mother She is also survived by a multitude of parents and relatives. friends who ???? she deeply touched in her too short life

Graduated from the National Theater School, Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau followed in her parents’ footsteps.She began her career by dubbing films and series

She also played in the film Catimini, by Nathalie Saint-Pierre In a 2013 interview with Radio-Canada, the actress said that she understood very early on that the game was was his vocation and always had the support of his parents

She also took part in the television series 30 Lives and The Cradle of Angels We saw her in the theater in The Lesson, One man, two bosses and L’Hôtel du libre-à © exchange

Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau’s parents believe that their daughter is one of the victims of ballast in the health network Rosine succumbed to a problem for which she was awaiting surgery This intervention n / A ???? could take place on time due to the load-shedding carried out in the health system to face the pandemic, it is written in the press release published on Friday

The death of Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau reminds us that the impact of the pandemic goes well beyond official statistics, in particular writing on Twitter the spokesperson of the official opposition in matters of health ©, Liberal MP Marie Montpetit

In December, due to a significant increase in hospitalizations linked to COVID-19, the government of Quebec set in motion its relief plan and began to postpone part or all semi-urgent and elective operations, colon cancer screening interventions, kidney transplants from living donors, except in pediatrics, and consultations in specialized outpatient clinics cialis

à ?? in mid-January, 140,000 Quebecers were awaiting surgery In many regions of Quebec, more than 50% of surgeries have been reported

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Rosine Chouinard Chauveau, Normand Chouinard, Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau

Ebene News – CA – Actress Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau died while awaiting surgery

Source: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1772101/rosine-chouinard-chauveau-deces-covid-delestage-pandemie