Ebene News – CA – Alaska Highway closed due to wildfire

Two uncontrollable forest fires north of the Buckinghorse River merged into a 3,000 hectare blaze and shut down part of the Alaska Highway

The BC Wildfire Service says strong winds and persistent dry conditions resulted in the rapid growth and amalgamation of the two fires in the Pink Mountain area

A highway closure is now in effect between the Buckinghorse River and 20 kilometers north of Trutch

“Due to the current wildfire activity and rapid growth, teams are on standby and are ready to respond when safe,” the Wildfire Service said in an update Tuesday after- noon

BC Wildfire Service responds to two uncontrollable fires north of the Buckinghorse River in the Pink Mountain area adjacent to the Alaska Highway

The fires are both estimated at 100 hectares Both are believed to have been caused by lightning

Due to current wildfire activity and rapid growth, crews are on hold, Wildfire Service said

Smoke is visible near the freeway, however, traffic should not be affected at this time, the Wildfire Service said

The BC Wildfire Service is also reporting a small 0A 01 hectare fire east of Buckinghorse and an eight hectare fire east of Pink Mountain, both believed to have been caused by lightning

Five other fires are reported in the Fort Nelson area, including one estimated two hectares northwest of Fort Nelson Four others ranging in size from 0 5 to 8 hectares are reported in the Kotcho Lake area

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As of Wednesday, June 30 at noon, all campfires, as well as category 2 and category 3 open fires will be prohibited throughout BC

The Wildfire Service says the provincial weather forecast calls for record high temperatures across BC this week and follows a spring of below average precipitation in the southern half of the province Conditions are expected to persist for weeks to come

“Camping has a long tradition in this province The BC government recognizes that people love to have campfires too, so it takes any decision to implement a campfire ban very seriously” the Wildfire Service said in a statement

“The BC Wildfire Service is taking these extreme heat conditions seriously. Additional precautions are being taken throughout the province, including fire warden patrols, fixed-wing aircraft patrols and an active enforcement presence of the law Forest fire prevention is a shared responsibility Man-made forest fires are completely preventable and divert essential resources from lightning-caused fires “

This ban will remain in effect until noon on October 15, 2021, or until the order is canceled

A campfire is defined as any fire less than 05 meters high by 05 meters wide

In addition to campfires, Category 2 and Category 3 open fires, the following activities are also prohibited:

* The use of outdoor stoves or other portable campfire devices without certification from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

* The use of air curtain burners in Cariboo, Coastal, Northwest, Prince George and Southeast fire centers

To report a forest fire, unattended campfire, or open fire violation, call toll-free 1-800-663-5555 or * 5555 on a cell phone

Anyone who violates an open-air burning ban can be fined $ 1,150, may be required to pay an administrative penalty of up to $ 10,000 or, if found guilty by court, may be fined up to $ 100,000 Sentenced to one year in prison If the contravention causes or contributes to a forest fire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting costs and related costs

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Ebene News – CA – Alaska Highway closed due to fire in forest

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