Ebene News – CA – Alaskan woman using outhouse attacked by bear, from below

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On February 13, 2021 photo provided by Erik Stevens shows a remote area of ​​Alaska where Shannon Stevens, his brother Erik Stevens, and his girlfriend took snowmobiles into the wilderness northwest of Haines, Alaska ( Erik Stevens via AP)

Alaskan woman had the fear of her life using an outhouse in the backcountry and was attacked by a bear, from below

“I went out and sat on the toilet and immediately something bit my ass as I sat down,” Shannon Stevens told The Associated Press Thursday. “I jumped up and screamed when it happened”

Stevens, his brother Erik, and his girlfriend had taken snowmobiles into the wild on February 13 to stay in his yurt, located about 20 miles (3,218 kilometers) northwest of Haines in Southeast Alaska.

Her brother heard the screams and went to the outhouse, about 150 feet (4572 meters) from the yurt There he found Shannon tending to her wound They initially thought she had been bitten by a squirrel or a mink, or something small

“I opened the toilet seat and there’s just a bear face right there at the toilet seat, looking right through the hole, right at me,” he said

“I just closed the lid as fast as I can I said, ‘There’s a bear over there, we have to get out of here now,” he said “And we ran to the yurt as fast as we could “

Once safe inside, they treated Shannon with a first aid kit They determined it wasn’t that bad, but they would head to Haines if it got worse

The next morning they found bear tracks all over the property, but the bear had left the area “You could see them through the snow, approaching the side of the outhouse,” she said. p>

They believe the bear entered the outhouse through an opening at the bottom of the back door

“I think it’s probably not that bad of a little den in the winter,” Shannon said

Alaska Department wildlife management biologist Carl Koch suspects it was a black bear based on photos of the trails he saw and the fact that a living neighbor about 800 meters away sent him a photo of a black bear on his property two days later

This owner shouted at the bear but he did not react. He did not approach her either but took care of his business, as if he was in walking hibernation mode

Even though it’s winter, Koch said they get calls all year round about the bears coming out

And 2020 was a banner year for general bear problems in the Haines area The reasons for this, he said, could include the fact that it was a bad year of salmon recovery combined with poor berry harvest “It is also possible that a bear may not be able to put on enough fat when it goes into the den, whether it may be outside more often or earlier,” he said

Koch suspects Shannon’s injury was caused by the bear hitting her with a paw rather than being bitten Either way, the location could be a first

“As far as getting your butt smashed when you sit in the winter, she might be the only person on Earth that has happened to me, as far as I know,” Koch said

Whatever the season, Erik says he’ll take bear spray with him all the time when he goes to the backcountry, and Shannon also plans to change a behavior.

“I’ll be better off looking inside the toilet before I sit down for sure”, she said

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Bear, Alaska

Ebene News – California – Alaskan woman using outhouse attacked by bear, from below

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/alaska-woman-using-outhouse-attacked-by-bear-from-below-1.5316298