Ebene News – CA – An incident locked down schools in the North Shore

There is a police presence in several schools in the North Shore, all of which are under lockdown orders from 2 pm from Wednesday March 31 at 2 pm

Armed gendarmes can be seen in many schools, including NorKam Secondary, Kamloops Christian and Brock Middle

A parent of a Brock student told KTW that their child informed them that there was a lockdown or a maintenance and security situation at the school and the student did not know what was happening

“Kamloops RCMP and the local school district are asking parents and members of the public to avoid the vicinity of Norkam High School and surrounding areas,” said Crystal Evelyn, Kamloops RCMP Constable

“Parents are kindly requested to wait until the lockdown is complete before picking up their students. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. More details will be posted as they become available”

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Ebene News – CA – Incident locks schools in the North Shore

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