Ebene News – CA – Arkansas area school districts are handling mask policies differently

TEXARKANA, Ark – After Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday that the state-wide mask’s tenure will not be extended, local school districts on the Arkansas side have made adjustments – or not

The Texarkana Arkansas School District announced on Tuesday that it would continue to require staff and students to wear masks for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, unless the board of directors make the formal decision to change the policy The same goes for the Ashdown School District

The Central School District of Genoa, on the other hand, only recommends that students and staff wear masks.If a student or staff member does not want to wear one, they are not required to do so

“Genoa Central will continue to clean and sanitize to maintain healthy facilities,” according to a Facebook post from the district page “The district also promotes good hand hygiene, such as hand washing and respiratory etiquette.”

The central school board of Genoa is due to meet on April 12 and can then consider adjustments

The Gazette reached out to Superintendent Garry Jameson for comment on the matter, but received no response

Gov Hutchinson’s previous directive to wear masks, which expired on March 31, is now considered guidance Although the health guidelines that governed the operations of Arkansas schools have been converted into guidelines, the Department of Arkansas Health and the Arkansas Department of Education strongly advised districts to continue to follow all measures that have resulted in successful in-person learning

While some have yet to make permanent decisions on mask policies, all districts should take the issue to their school boards In Ashdown, for example, policies are due to be posted on district websites by April 15, according to its public relations manager, Ronda Pounds.

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Ebene News – CA – Arkansas area school districts handle mask policies differently

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