Ebene News – CA – Barcelona have lied ‘on several occasions’ to Lionel Messi, but will not leave Spain if they receive the right offer, the favorite has said to be the club’s next president

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One of the top contenders to be FC Barcelona’s next president, Joan Laporta, said the club had “repeatedly lied” to Lionel Messi over the years, but still believed he could convince him ‘Argentinian to stay at Camp Nou

Laporta was previously Barcelona president between 2003 and 2010 and stands for re-election on January 24, when the club will appoint a successor to Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned in October

Who wins the election next month will likely depend heavily on who is most likely to persuade Messi to stay at the club after his decision to hand in a transfer request over the summer

Although the 33-year-old has finally stayed put for the current season, his contract expires next summer, meaning he is free to speak to other clubs from early January

Although Messi can leave, Laporta doesn’t think he wants to and will only leave if he is not treated well

“It will depend on the proposal the new president makes to him He must see that there is a competitive team to revive the love story Barca had with the Champions League but which has been suspended in recent years years

“[The club] have lied to him on several occasions and on top of that things haven’t gone the way everyone wanted them to. He’s at a point in his career where he always wants to be successful and win titles “

“He cannot continue to accept that other teams win the Champions League and Barça, with Lionel, the best player in the history of the game, does not have a team competitive enough to be able to win

“I don’t see Messi in a shirt other than Barca’s The history between him and the club is so good that the new president is forced to make sure it continues I don’t see him playing in no other club I see him in the Barca shirt “

Laporta added that he believes he has an advantage over other presidential candidates to convince Messi to stay

“In addition to rectifying the club’s financial situation, the priority is to make a proposal to Lionel that convinces him to stay I hope to arrive on time And I have an advantage: the confidence of Messi

“He knows that the offer I am making will be real and that I will make it happen. I think it will help a lot and it is an advantage over other candidates”

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Ebene News – CA – Lionel Messi has been “repeatedly” lied to by Barcelona, ​​but has Won’t leave Spain if he gets the right offer, says favorite to be club’s next president

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