Ebene News – CA – Bear bites woman’s bottom in outhouse in Alaska

An Alaskan woman learned the answer to this question the hard way last week when a bear bit her butt from inside an outhouse in the backcountry of the state

Shannon Stevens was staying in an isolated yurt with her brother, Erik, and his girlfriend when the difficult encounter took place in February 13 She told The Associated Press that she left the yurt to relieve herself in the outhouse about 50 yards away and did not check the seat before sitting down

“I went out and sat on the toilet and immediately something bit my butt while sitting up,” she told the AP

Erik ran out of the yurt at the sound of Shannon’s screams and saw her healing her bitten bear in the snow

“She was still standing there with her pants down,” Erik told The Anchorage Daily News “I said, ‘What bit you? Where is he? »»

They both thought that a small animal, like a squirrel or a mink, had taken shelter in the outhouse from the cold and was responsible for the bite

But Erik wanted to be sure, so he turned on a headlamp and ventured into the outhouse to investigate

“I opened the toilet seat and there’s just a bear face right there at the toilet seat, just looking back through the hole, right at me,” Erik told the AP

Erik ran out of the outhouse, grabbed his sister and together they rushed into the yurt

Shannon Stevens says her wound was bleeding, but it was okay so it was easy to fix it with the first aid kit they had on hand

The trio waited until the next morning before exiting the yurt again What they found were bear tracks wandering around the property, circling around their hearth and heading to the outhouse

“There is a way out at the back of the outhouse, there is a rock face and there is a way for a creature to enter through that rock face,” Erik told KHNS. probably just pushed the rocks and went down into the hole “

“I think it’s probably not that bad as a little den in the winter,” Shannon said

Photos of the prints suggest it was a black bear, according to biologist Carl Koch of the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife Management

“I wouldn’t be surprised over the years if other people had had weird things – but in February, to sit in an addiction and something like that to happen is very unusual”

Shannon says she learned a valuable lesson in how to look at her butt in the backcountry, especially when it comes to using the restroom

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Ebene News – CA – Bear bites bare bottom of woman from outhouse in Alaska

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