Ebene News – CA – Big Sky’s final fatality hangs over this ‘just perfect’ death and the lingering question left in its wake


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Rumors of Rick Legarski’s death may have been grossly exaggerated the first time around (including, oops !, by us Who Knew someone could survive a bullet to the brain at very close range ?!) But in Tuesday’s Big Sky, the Montana state soldier came to his final end when his wife Merilee slashed his skull with a hammer.

Merilee had been pushed to her limits by her husband’s role in a sex trafficking ring and murder spree, as well as a nagging feeling that he was faking the brain damage that could keep her from getting out of prison. As Cassie, Jenny, and the Sheriff’s Office were invading Ronald’s house (but hadn’t caught Legarski’s cunning accomplice), Merilee arrived in her husband’s hospital room wielding the hammer he had nearly killed her with a few episodes ago

“Does this jog your memory?” she asked, citing several clues (his mention of his menopause, his singing of particular songs) as proof that he remembered far more than he hinted at And when he continued to claim his unconsciousness, she brandished the hammer in fury, leaving her bloody messy head on the pillow of the hospital bed

“Television, in most accounts, is not a moral universe in which we are willing to remove people like [Rick],” said series star John Carroll Lynch, who plays Rick. , at TVLine Tuesday morning Therefore, he added, he fully agrees with the soldier’s exit from the state – and in particular with the person who sent him on his way

Read on to learn more about Lynch’s thoughts on the most recent episode, including where he stands in “Was Rick faking his memory loss?” debate

TVLINE | The last time we chatted I was like, “Legarski is dead” You faked me!
Well! Thank you

TVLINE | But now it looks like the curtain has actually fallen on her last act
I have the feeling that there will be no more flashbacks [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m going to put my questions out of logical order, starting with: Tell me do you have this giant cardboard cutout of yourself?
I have no possession of the giant cardboard cutout at all, however, it would be extremely useful in HOV lanes, as not only would you have a second person in the car, but it would be a state soldier. No one would stop you!

TVLINE | In this episode, we got a glimpse of the happiest times with Rick and Merilee, which we didn’t get much of in the current Tell Me About Shooting storyline.
Brooke [Smith, who plays Merilee] and I talked about it yesterday… It’s really a love story, to the hammer, in our two opinions Love doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to But in the beginning , you genuinely understand that it might work And then slowly over time these two separated in really deeply fundamental ways And they just didn’t share the values ​​But who would, with Rick Legarski? [Laughs] It’s a difficult road for anyone to share values ​​with Legarski

It was lovely playing those scenes with Brooke It’s so awesome in the writing When you write a revenge story, what will basically be going like this: Who is the person the audience is going to get the most from? of emotional satisfaction in sending that absolutely odious and hideous person? And there is a long list of people who would have been emotionally satisfying to get rid of Rick Legarski, but no more satisfying than Merilee, in my opinion She deserves it She earned it in a psychic way, and I think Brooke has does a great job playing

TVLINE | I love that Rick took a lie detector test and passed it with flying colors. No one seemed able to tell if he was lying or not But Merilee knew She thought? Did she know? Was he pretending?

TVLINE | I was convinced he was pretending, because I’m convinced that Rick Legarski is the devil
I like that you don’t know if he really remembers or not You never gave that But there are clues in it The words he uses are words that – menopause is the wrong answer all the days, but especially that day [Laughs]

TVLINE | I liked the idea that hadn’t been the center of his thinking in awhile was still watching him and knowing him so well – love the idea that he could fool a lie detector but maybe not the woman who had been with him for a long time
I also think it’s good, it’s a lot more satisfying on an emotional level that a woman who had been played for a fool by the two men at the center of the crime no longer be fooled and whether he’s serious or not whether he doesn’t remember or not, she makes it clear that she won’t be fooled again [Laughs] Not by this guy

TVLINE | Did you know from the start that this would be the end for him?
No No way I didn’t know in episode 8 that it would be for him No idea I think I sent a two word email to [executive producers] Ross [Fineman] and Matt [Gross] and David [E Kelley]: “Perfect Just perfect” It was a perfect way for him to leave And she said, “The idea of ​​you getting out of this? I just can’t handle” I think she speaks for America when she says that The idea that Rick Legarski gets away with it is too much

TVLINE | Please give me the pros and cons of playing a character who has spent their last episodes in bed
Well the best part is you always know what you’re wearing It was true of Rick Legarski all along: he basically had two uniforms Also there were times I slept when I slept [Laughs]… But that’s about it You go to bed all day You get paid for it Ridiculous

The disadvantages? The hospital gown [Laughs] There is never dignity in a hospital gown For everyone

TVLINE | His secret room has still not been found The sheriff’s department could not locate him
Yeah, they got some splainin ‘to do I mean he was really good For all the hate you gotta give Rick Legarski credit this guy could lie He was a really good liar For years And that has to be based on some level of truth You don’t fool people that long without it starting out as something, the description of him as being Dudley Do-Right is correct Something went wrong, terribly wrong And it’s very evocative of recent history Like, how did we get here? How did this person come to the choices they made? Seems heartbreaking, in a way, that he did But he did it And people do

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Ebene News – CA – Big Sky’s latest fatality delves into this ‘just perfect’ death and the lingering question left in its wake

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