Ebene News – CA – Crowds gather as volcano erupts on the Big Island of Hawaii

Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii came back to life on Sunday night as lava poured into the air, boiling a lake of water and sending out a huge plume vapor, gas and ash in the atmosphere

In the early hours of the eruption, lava quickly mixed with water in the summit crater lake to create steam The sky above the eruption took on shades of orange and red as people lined up to watch the rippling column of gas and vapor rise above the volcano in the middle of the night

Tom Birchard, a senior forecaster with the National Weather Service in Hawaii, said lava poured into the crater and mixed with water to cause a vigorous eruption for about an hour When lava interacts with water, it can cause explosive reactions

All the water evaporated from the lake and a cloud of vapor spread about 9 kilometers into the atmosphere, Birchard said

Water was the first ever recorded in the summit crater of the Kilauea volcano In 2019, after a week of questions about a mysterious green spot at the bottom of the volcano’s crater, researchers confirmed the presence of water The lake had continued to fill since

The eruption began on Sunday evening in the volcano’s caldera, the US Geological Survey said Due to the location of the erupting lava, no houses were evacuated and there was little risk for the public

The crater, named Halemaumau, is located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and was home to a long-standing lava lake that was present for years before a 2018 eruption drained it.

The eruption continued throughout Monday and scientists said it was unclear how long it would last With the water gone, a lake of lava was forming in the crater throughout of the day

An advisory was issued by the National Weather Service in Honolulu, warning of ash fall from the volcano Excessive ash exposure is an eye and respiratory irritant, he says The agency later said the eruption was easing and a ‘low-level cloud of vapor’ persisted in the area.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park spokesperson Jessica Ferracane said in a phone interview that volcanic activity poses a risk to park residents and caution is in order

“It’s quite spectacular this morning,” she said, “but there are large amounts of sulfur dioxide and dangerous particles and these are gushing out of the crater right now and they have a danger for everyone, especially respiratory problems, infants, young children and pregnant women “

She also said cars were lining up at the park entrance to get a glimpse of the lava

“There are a lot of cars waiting on Crater Rim Drive to get to Kilauea People should expect long waits for parking spaces, ”she said

Ferracane also said people should be aware of the coronavirus pandemic and take action to stay safe

“We are not yet crowd control, but it could happen,” she said “Right now we are urging people to wear masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 We have seen quite a bit visitors unmasked last night “

By 1 am, USGS officials have told Hawaii News Now that lava fountains have been reported to be shooting about 50 yards into the sky

David Phillips, a spokesperson for the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory, said the agency was monitoring the “rapidly evolving” situation

“We will send further notifications to Kilauea and other Hawaiian volcanoes as we see changes,” he said

The USGS says it has received more than 500 reports of people feeling the quake, but significant damage to buildings or structures was not expected

Kilauea last erupted in 2018, destroying more than 700 homes and spewing enough lava to fill 320,000 Olympic-size swimming pools An area more than half the size of Manhattan has been buried in up to 80 feet (24 meters) of now hardened lava Lava has flowed over the course of four months

The 2018 eruption occurred along a rift zone on the side of the volcano where many residential neighborhoods had developed Last night’s eruption was contained in the summit caldera in the national park

The volcano had not erupted since 2018 but previously had active lava flows for more than three decades Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet

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Hawaii Volcano, Kilauea

Ebene News – CA – Crowds gather as volcano erupts on the Big Island of Hawaii

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