Ebene News – CA – Cuomo’s approval rating remains stable despite controversy over retirement home deaths: poll

New York Government Andrew CuomoCuomo’s approval rating remains stable despite controversy over nursing home deaths: NY poll Democrat asks Cuomo for apology for mismanagement of deaths in nursing homes Governors tell Biden better coordination of vaccines is needed The approval rating of MORE (D) in his state has not suffered despite revelations that he has underestimated the number of deaths from COVID-19 among residents of nursing homes

Cuomo’s overall favorability rate is 56% among registered voters, with 39% having an unfavorable opinion of him, a negligible change from January, according to a new poll from the Siena College Research Institute released on Tuesday, when his approval rating was between 57% and 39%

Asked specifically about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, 61% of voters approve of the work he does, a marginal drop from the 63% who said the same thing last month

The results were, unsurprisingly, split along partisan lines, with 83% of Democrats approving his handling of the virus, compared to 52% of independents and 25% of Republicans

“While Cuomo remains popular and gets good marks from Democrats, independents are narrowly divided over their feelings for Cuomo Republicans, who showed some love to Cuomo at the start of the pandemic in the spring latest, are now extremely negative in their views on Cuomo, ”said Steven Greenberg, Siena College pollster

Overall, the survey found that 46% of voters said they would like to re-elect Cuomo next year, while 45% said they wanted “someone else.” That’s slightly down from 48% in January who wanted him to win another term

The poll was conducted on February 7-11, after the state attorney general released a report on undercoverage, but before the publication of a New York Post article investigating the resistance of Cuomo to release retirement home death figures

Cuomo apologized this week for not focusing on publicizing the extent of the spread of the coronavirus in New York nursing homes

The Siena poll asked 804 registered voters last week and has a margin of error of 43 percentage points

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Ebene News – CA – Cuomo’s approval rating remains stable despite controversy over retirement home deaths: survey

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