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Jeremy’ Toast in Disguise ‘Wang posted a long and detailed response after people condemned him for allegedly “problematic” comments he made in the past

These few days have been eventful for Toast After announcing that he is leaving Among Us – his main game of the past year – Toast was convinced to post a passionate response to accusations of problematic behavior

The OfflineTV member has been criticized by some on social media for allegedly making racist and sexist jokes in the past and called on others to call him as well

And after a “thoughtful and well-written message” from a fan, Toast saw fit to address these allegations and address people’s concerns head-on

On May 2, Toast posted a detailed Twitlonger that sought to address five key allegations made against him Toast explained to him the importance of “transparency” and urged people not to attack his friends from OfflineTV and Amigops

“I have always followed the line of ‘avant-garde’ humor when it comes to my online presence,” he said “Over the past 5 years I have developed a personality more sarcastic, brutal and satirical There is nothing in what I have done publicly that I have tried to hide, suppress or pretend to ignore “

Toast has refuted accusations of racism, linked to a joke he made over two years ago that he says was regurgitated on a website “Trying to tell me it’s offensive doesn’t have any weight because we all knew it was offensive, that’s why it was censored,” he explained.

Toast reminded critics of his own past experiences with racism, which involved getting ‘spit on’ and ‘calling yourself Jackie Chan’. “That obviously doesn’t make me immune to racism,” he said. -he explains “But reading an offensive joke doesn’t make me a joke either

He also responded to criticism of a joke during a pictogram game where he drew a girl to represent the word “illegal”

“I don’t support pedophilia (can’t even believe I even have to say that) and it honestly surprises me that some stans are trying to cancel me for this one,” he added. ” I’m pretty sure it’s clear that even with the worst opinion of me people can recognize that I say pedo = bad

Toast further berated allegations that he advocated rape and the use of “R insult” In both cases he described the allegations as unfounded, with no clips or VOD to back up the charges

Toast concluded by explaining his intention to “calm down” his jokes in the future. “In the future, I will try to be a little less pissed off,” he said. “But this type of humor is something I grew up with and which I personally find humorous

“If you take it at face value, without context, without knowing me – I can understand why I could sound like a fanatic But even if you don’t respect me, at least respect the opinions of the people around me”

Toast isn’t the only high-profile content creator to come under fire for his past actions this month, with MrBeast team member Karl Jacobs apologizing for his previous association with the controversial streamer Ice Poseidon

Either way, it remains to be seen whether this rebuttal will be strong enough to quell the outcry from some sections of internet users

Disguised Toast

Ebene News – CA – Disguised Toast hits back at people trying to cancel because of “problematic” comments – Dexerto

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