Ebene News – CA – Government appears ready to REJECT plea to exempt players from quarantine

Posted: 13:19 GMT, February 18, 2021 | Update: 17:37 GMT, February 18, 2021

Premier League sides head for a club-to-country row with their best players as the government is in no mood to exempt footballers from Covid’s strict quarantine rules when World Cup qualifiers come down will take place around the world next month

Sportsmail reported this week that top clubs are preparing to appeal to ministers for a special exemption from rules governing ‘red list’ countries, where virulent strains of coronavirus are circulating

The ‘red list’ includes countries in South America, such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, as well as Portugal, and dozens of Premier League players could be selected to play

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Alisson Becker of Liverpool, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino (all Brazilians), Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United (Portugal), James Rodriguez (Colombia) of Everton and Giovani Lo Celso (Argentina) of Tottenham could all be affected, for n ‘name a few

The players told their clubs they wanted to travel to the affected countries to represent their national team, which would mean they would be subject to a hotel quarantine like everyone else and unavailable for 10 days afterwards their return

The clubs have yet to submit their appeal to the government, but when they do they will likely be disappointed as there does not appear to be an appetite for compromise on a key part of the UK coronavirus defense

‘The rules are there for a reason,’ a Whitehall source told Sportsmail ‘They are there because of the gravity of the situation and the risk of the strains of the virus spreading’

Although exemptions for elite athletes are in place in many countries, the guidance on ‘red list’ destinations seems clear

Elite athletes are informed by the Ministry of Transport: ‘You must quarantine yourself in a government approved hotel and take a coronavirus test on days 2 and 8 if you have been in a country listed on the red list of travel bans within 10 days of your arrival in the UK ‘

Ministers and public health experts fear a variant of the virus could develop resistance to UK vaccines and spread through travel

The “red list” restrictions are initially in place until the end of March, but could be extended

South American countries ‘have variants sticking out of their ears,’ public health expert told Sportsmail

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes could miss part of his Premier League season if forced to self-quarantine if he represents Portugal – who are on the UK’s red list – next month

Woman in quarantine at Radisson Blu hotel near Heathrow gives photographer a thumbs up on Thursday morning

“It’s incredibly risky and it’s just not worth taking the risk,” Professor Keith Neal, a public health expert at the University of Nottingham said on Wednesday.

Currently there are no exemptions for elite athletes returning from Red List destinations and Neal insists it should stay that way in order to avoid more lives lost due to Covid-19

A new variant of the coronavirus would only kill if the strain was catastrophic and had not been detected before

‘The red list is designed to stop the most serious and dangerous variants We don’t want them in the country, period And there are a lot of variants in Brazil,’ he said

The clubs are under pressure from the players because it is now up to them to decide to release them for international missions

Last week, FIFA released amended guidelines for March that state clubs are not required to release players when a mandatory quarantine period of five days or more is required upon their return

Clubs hope an exemption can be obtained provided players leave their club’s bio-secure bubble and immediately enter that of their nation

‘The player would be in airports, airplanes and hotels He would meet players and staff from those countries, where infection rates are also high It’s a not complete

‘If they brought in a variant that was in fact a vaccine leak, it could spread and kill thousands of people’

Top clubs fear major disruption to their squads after international fixtures end in March due to government regulations if players travel for international fixtures

If no deviations from the rules were agreed, travel would also increase the possibility of elite sports stars being locked up in one of the 16 government-designated quarantine hotels, where ‘guests’ are mostly confined to their own room

More than 40 Premier League players will likely be affected, with clubs most affected likely Manchester City, Wolves, Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham

Analysis of top players reveals 41 of them have been called up to affected countries in the past two years. Of that, 15 have played for Portugal – including six from Wolves and three from Manchester City

While these Portuguese players would have to self-isolate on their return if they played for their home national team against Azerbaijan on March 24, the rules do not appear to require them to self-quarantine if they join the team. ‘team outside the country

Portugal will visit Serbia on March 27 and Luxembourg on March 30 and neither of these countries is currently subject to a travel ban

Meanwhile, there is a full schedule of qualifiers for the South American World Cup, with all countries involved on the Red List, which will run from March 25 to 30

Top managers have already expressed concern about next month’s international matches, regardless of travel to ‘red list’ destinations

Professor Keith Neal, a public health expert at the University of Nottingham, says it should be a complete ‘no no’ to allow players to return to the UK without having to quarantine themselves first

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola on Tuesday expressed concern over the international break, fearing an increase in cases of players traveling abroad

‘Something is going to come up unfortunately I would love to say it won’t happen but it’s already happened in two or three waves By the time you take planes anything can happen’

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Ebene News – CA – Government seems ready to REJECT advocacy to exempt players from quarantine

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9274331/Government-looks-set-REJECT-Premier-League-clubs-plea-players-exempt-quarantine.html